Welcome to my one horse show. I’m Jessie, the horse running the show. You may know me as the intergalactically famous creator of the Nomadic Galaxy Pony and inventor of Story Jaws. Okay, maybe not yet, but it’s really just a matter of time.

Nomadic Galaxy Pony

Story Jaws

I’m a full-time artist and part-time mermaid. The ocean is my true love and scuba diving is my ultimate passion, although I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like because a one horse show can be grueling. I live in a wild jungle on the coast of South Africa, with internet being my lifeline to the outside world.


my home

my natural habitat

my natural state

Although I was born to live under the sea, circumstances force me to run with my other passion – which is Making! My trade of choice is crochet and I’m and artisan of fiber! You’ll see a lot of crochet around here because I love it (and if you’re here, you probably do too)! Since I am a Projectarian* I dabble in all sorts of craftiness so you’ll see other things in the mix from time to time.



noun: projectarian; plural noun: projectarians

1. A person who seeks to create in any media; an artisan of any form.

"A Projectarian uses any material to create; be it physical or intangible."
synonyms:  craftsman, artificer, creator, inventor, day dreamer.

2. A tribe of people having the projectarian characteristics in common.

"Projectarian is the artisan tribe, composed of Dreamers and Makers."

You’re invited to be a part of Projectarian, the artisan tribe. Gather with like-minded tribe members to participate in the artisan community. The tribe consists of Makers and Dreamers:


 As a Maker, you’re invited to use my tutorials to unleash your inner artisan and learn something new at the same time. I write a craft blog and also publish premium crochet designs in my little pattern shop. I try hard to make my tutorials accessible to any skill level and I’m always available to interact with crafters and answer any questions. The artisan tribe of Projectarians have a Facebook group that is growing stronger every day with members keen to share their works created with the tutorials they find here, and have a say in what they’d like to see as the next Project!


Dreamers are artisans of the imagination. I spend the majority of my time tinkering in the Menagerie, bringing fanciful beasts from my imagination to life.

Scuba diving is my first love and crochet is my second. Under the sea is an entirely different universe of unfathomable vastness, beauty and mystery. There’s nothing quite like gazing into the blue abyss, to spark the imagination into exploring the enchanting universe of our own minds. I’ve found crochet to be the most accessible and limitless means to express that.

Born with a sewing machine in my lap, my first work ever was a pair of shorts I made for my doll as soon as I could reach the pedal. Fast forward through many years of artisanal meanders - mum taught me to crochet at 24 and I fell in love. Driven by the insatiable need to create with my hands, and  inspired by the charm/romance of other worlds, I like to try and materialize the things I wish there were - to share with other Dreamers, like You!