Orbit the Dragon’s Expansion Pack

Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

Orbit the Dragon was a free crochet along (CAL) released in June this year, that garnered over 20,000 participants and topped the charts in Ravelry’s crochet community. I was so blown away by your support that when you asked for wings and open eyes for your dragons, how could I refuse?!

So here you have it, a premium expansion pack for your favorite baby dragon! Add wings, face fins and a fluted belly cover to your wee beast. For the first time, I’ll also be revealing how I do my multi-tone eyes!

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There are so many cool and fun new techniques packed into this pattern that you can add to you crochet skill set:


Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

Orbit’s new belly covering ends at the neck, so there’s no fiddly shaping of smiles here, and your gauge isn’t so important either. If yours happens to come out a little bigger or smaller than mine, it’ll still work perfectly! The new belly also has these fun 3D bumps, which is a fun and useful technique to add to your arsenal of amigurumi skills!


Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

Some of you wanted to leave the ears off your dragons and add face fins instead, so I decided to give you a cute pair of frills for an alternative dragon personality! The technique you’ll use for these frill is so handy for forming many different amigurumi shapes, like hands with fingers – another useful skill for you!


Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

So many of you asked for wings. I wanted them to be cute enough for a baby dragon, but easy to make and sturdy. These winglets are the best of all worlds, with pictures to guide you through every step you can’t go wrong, and the best part? – NO SEWING! Although they’re made from multiple shapes and components, the wings are completely crocheted together and all the ends are worked in as you go! All you have to do is sew the finished wings to the body.


Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

New Orbit has open eyes with multiple shades of colour for a realistic look. This is my favorite eye method but I’ve kept the technique secret for a long time. I wasn’t sure how to write the pattern without it ending up very complex and confusing. (The hardest part of pattern writing is explaining things in a way that everyone can understand!)
This pattern was tested by 18 different people and not one of them got stuck on the eyes. You can rest assured that the pattern is well simplified!


Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

I like spoon-feeding. As with all my patterns, the goal is ALWAYS to make them accessible to EVERYONE! I always say, “If you can do the Single Crochet stitch, you can make any one of my premium animals”. This pattern contains over 200 pictures just to guide you through the 4 new dragon features, so you’re in absolutely no danger of getting lost! Along with the pattern you’ll also get my free booklet of Pro Amigurumi Tips, containing tutorials for all the techniques used in my pattern. There’s also a massive support group on Facebook to help you if there’s anything you’re unsure of – and of course you have direct access to me if you have any questions!

Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

You can get Orbit the Dragon’s original free pattern, separated into the 5 parts of the crochet along at my website, starting with the Preface HERE.

If you prefer to buy the pattern in one easy document, with or without the expansion pack, get it HERE.

Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

Thank you for your continued support – it’s because of you guys that I get to call this my job! Feel free to share this post with your crochet friends, and tag me in your #OrbitTheDragon posts on social media (I’m @Projectarian on Facebook and Instagram). If you’d like to Pin this for later, there’s a handy image below. See you next time for more fantastical beasts (I’m working on a free pattern to bring you in the near future so stay tuned)!


Orbit the Dragon | crochet pattern by Projectarian

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