Ocean friends giveaway | by Projectarian & Charlie Loves

Projectarian has teamed up with the lovely, local Charlie Loves to bring you an adorable oceanic giveaway! You can win this pair of cuties for your most special kidlet by entering on Instagram.

As you may know, I’ve just released the pattern for Apollo the Octopus and Charlene is launching her beautiful new softie, the Twinkle doll. As Insta-buddies, we decided to team up and celebrate our shiny new additions together by giving away this pair of cuties to one lucky winner! I started following Charlie Loves on Instagram when I first stumbled upon her gorgeous unicorn doll (IG algorithm knows I love me some unicorns) and I’m so excited to be collaborating with a fellow South African artist who has a great product that deserves to be seen! See the #MyTwinkleDoll hashtag for more.

Charlie Loves’ new Twinkle doll is ‘ the most heavenly and magical friend, one like no other. Up in the sky, in a secret little village, Twinkle dolls come together in a celebration of love and play. Each so precious, each so different, with hearts so pure. Filled with delight and glee, together they glow as millions of stars. As the night comes, little Twinkle dolls shine bright, they make a wish on a star and holding on tight, they float past the magical rainbows that color their hair. Bouncing off soft clouds of candyfloss, they find their way down to little arms who will always love them dear; a twinkle doll for your little star…’

Can we take a moment to just feast our eyes on these magical little gems?

(photos above by Charlie Loves)

Along with this magical girl, you can also snag yourself a friendly little bundle of tentacles.

Ocean friends giveaway | by Projectarian & Charlie Loves

This little sweetie is a prototype I made while designing Apollo’s pattern. He’s quite a bit smaller than the giant sea monster, with floppy tentacles and smiley, shining eyes. Together, these two make a bubbly bundle of fun!

Ocean friends giveaway | by Projectarian & Charlie Loves

Mini Apollo is very clingy and protective over his mer-friend.

Ocean friends giveaway | by Projectarian & Charlie Loves

Your prize Twinkle doll, unlike a regular one, comes with a slip-on floral mermaid tail and metallic gold bikini top, plus a twinkling white frock. This girl is set for all land and sea adventures!

The official Twinkle doll launch is tomorrow, the 28th of June. Let’s show Charlie Loves the love she deserves and support her honorable cause: Her dolly business serves to up-skill women in townships by teaching them to sew her dolls and earning an income at the same time, PLUS a portion of sales goes to non-profit organizations for children. Her dolls are not only unique and beautiful but 100% handmade, ethically produced and socially significant. How about that?!

Ocean friends giveaway | by Projectarian & Charlie Loves

These ocean friends can’t wait to meet their new person! Head over to Instagram now to enter the #OceanFriendsGiveaway!


Ocean friends giveaway | by Projectarian & Charlie Loves

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