Buzz The German Shepherd’s Toy Sheep | FREE crochet pattern

Buzz the German Shepherd is a brand new puppy pattern that I’ve just added to my shop and his Toy Sheep is a bonus freebie to go along with your pup!

Buzz is part of my new series of puppy patterns – yes, there are multiples – he’s number 2 of 4! My first puppy pattern of the series, Rocket the Beagle, comes with a free mallard ducky! GSDs were originally bred as herding dogs so I decided to go for a sheep as his favorite toy.

Buzz the German Shepherd | by Projectarian

Most sheep patterns in the world are designed with a popcorn stitch so I’ve tried to be original with this guy while still making him look woolly. He’s turned out to be one of my favorite amigurumis and I hope you like him too!!

Buzz the German Shepherd | by Projectarian

This happy little friend is easy to make; he’s also crocheted together so that there’s almost no sewing. The pattern is ideal for beginners and will help you elevate you amigurumi skills.

Buzz the German Shepherd | by Projectarian

Note: This sheep pattern is a casual freebie that has not been tested yet. It will be tested soon and once it has, it’ll be updated and you’ll be able to get full pattern support from Hooked on Sunshine. Contact me for queries.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy these projects! Remember to share this blog page with your crochet friends and pin it to your amigurumi board ๐Ÿ˜‰


Buzz the German Shepherd | by Projectarian


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