Amigurumi CAL: Bushy Tails Expedition

Are you up for a fur-themed crochet along in Projectarian’s Year of Fur? For the whole of 2022, all Projectarian patterns have been fur themed in my mission to equip you with various skills for creating your own furry amigurumi! I have taught a few fluffy techniques this year but I thought it would be wonderful to bring other designers on board to add more variety to the mix. How awesome would it be to team up with my favorite designers and see what fuzzy critters might be lurking in each of their unique and brilliant designer-minds? So I contacted each one and asked if they’d like to do a CAL with me – and they all agreed! And so we are fortunate to be treated to a total of seven fantastic furry friends in the fluffiest CAL of them all! I invite you to come along on with us on the Bushy Tails Expedition!!!

Click the button below to download your CAL schedule, revealing all the contributing designers and their pattern dates. Read on for more info and frequently asked questions.

The Bushy Tails Expedition is a furry jungle animal adventure brought to you by Projectarian in collaboration with your favourite amigurumi designers! Top designers from around the world have teamed up to present you with a collection of exotic and beautiful creatures. Track each critter in their natural habitat as you embark on this magical wildlife journey.

The patterns in this CAL will teach you how to make seven different creatures, each using a unique method for creating their special fluffy features. Every pattern will teach you something new and add a bedazzling beast to your little wild jungle collection!

Photos of each elusive animal will only be revealed on their pattern release date but pattern information will be available in advance. Visit each designer on Instagram one week before their pattern release date to find their supplies list so you can prepare in advance for your project (click on each one to follow them).

Read on for more info and FAQ about the CAL. As each pattern comes out, the pattern’s link will be added to this page so you can find them all in one place at any time during the CAL.

Current patterns available in the CAL:

Bonbon the Anteater by Projectarian: https://www.projectarian.com/shop/product/bonbon-giant-anteater-amigurumi-pattern-with-fur/
Apple the Cassowary by Airali Gray: https://shop.airalidesign.com/collections/frontpage/products/apple-the-cassowary-pdf-crochet-pattern
Indiana the Gaur (Indian Bison) by Little Aqua Girl: https://www.thelittlehookcrochet.com/patterns/indiana-the-gaur
Delilah the Poodle Moth by Irene Strange: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1269212183/delilah-the-poodle-moth-pdf-ebook-bushy

Hazel the Red Panda by Lemon Yarn Creations: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1257913718/crochet-pattern-hazel-the-red-panda
Sofia the Bird of Paradise by Natura Crochet: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1274599801/crochet-pattern-sofia-the-bird-of


What is a CAL?
A CAL (crochet along) is an event where participants all crochet the same pattern at the same time, over a certain period.

How does the Bushy Tails Expedition CAL work?
Seven designers have each written a pattern to be released during the CAL. Starting on 1 July, one new pattern will be released every 5 days for the duration of the event.

Is it free or paid?
It’s a paid CAL and each pattern will be individually priced by the designer. For the duration of the CAL, all patterns will be on sale, discounted by 30%. This means that until 4 August, you will get 30% off any of the CAL patterns that you buy.

What happens if I fall behind?
You can crochet at your own pace so don’t worry about falling behind.

How do I join?
To participate, all you need to do is follow each of the seven collaborating designers on Instagram. Click on each of them listed above to visit their account and follow them.

When can I join?
The CAL begins on 1 July and the last pattern comes out on 31 July. You can join in anytime and work at your own pace.

What patterns will be in the CAL?
Mystery jungle animals! There will be seven mysterious animals, each with a special fur feature. Each animal type will be revealed one week before the pattern comes out, but without pictures.

What supplies do I need?
One week before each pattern comes out, the next upcoming designer will post their supplies list on their Instagram grid. Visit their account to get your supplies ready. Click here to download your CAL schedule containing the line-up and release dates.

When does the CAL start?
Crocheting of the first pattern kicks off on 1 July but you can get the supplies list for the first pattern on 24 June at the first designer’s Instagram account (Projectarian).

How long is the CAL?
Starting on 1 July, one new pattern will be released every 5 days. The last pattern will come out on 31 July.

What happens if I join late?
You will still be able to get all the previous patterns and catch up at your own pace.

Can I still get the patterns after the CAL?
Yes. Each designer will keep the CAL patterns available at their respective platforms

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you in the CAL! You can also join my Facebook group to discuss the CAL, ask questions and share your pics.


Amigurumi CAL: Bushy Tails Expedition

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