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Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

Hi! I'm Jessie,

the creator of Projectarian's Menagerie of Fanciful Beasts!

I love writing crochet patterns that are easy to follow, making complex designs accessible to everyone - even beginners!

My slogan is, "If you can crochet, you can make any of my patterns!"

I'm so happy you've ended up here! Please take a poke around - if you like to crochet I have loads of free patterns for you and some top-quality premium ones too.

Get in touch - I'd love to hear what brought you here! (Or maybe you can just let me know about a typo you found - I have nobody to check this stuff for me 😝)

Zebra Finch | Free crochet pattern by Projectarian
TINY HOOF | Tiny Camel by Projectarian


Where does the name "Projectarian" come from?

I wanted my brand name to be unique in all the world - a word that never existed before but still means something when you hear it.

So I invented the word and its definition:



noun: Projectarian; plural noun: Projectarians

1. A person who seeks to create in any media; an artisan of any type.

"A Projectarian uses any material to create; be it physical or intangible."
synonyms:  craftsman, artificer, creator, inventor, daydreamer.


2. A tribe of people having the projectarian characteristics in common.

"Projectarian is the global tribe of artisans."


It's all about YOU!

A tribe member is anyone who uses my patterns and tutorials to bring your own whimsical creatures to life! Share your handiwork with the other members of your tribe in our Facebook group where we all coo over each other's bunnies and baby dragons ^_^

The reason I get to call this fun stuff my "job" is because of you so it's important to me that you're happy here! Get in touch and let me know what you'd like to see more of.


Projectarian | Contact Me!

My mission... to design unique crochet animals and make their patterns easy for you to follow. Each pattern will also teach you something that you didn’t know before. In every new design I try to improve on the last, so each new pattern is even higher quality than the one before, as I learn more about what makes a pattern truly *excellent*.

My patterns get very thoroughly tested since I’ve teamed up with Hooked on Sunshine, who co-hosts a lot of my newer design releases. As a tribe member you also get access to a massive support group of friends who are eager to help if you need it! All my patterns are jam packed with pictures and written with consideration to beginners, without compromising on design complexity.


I live in a tiny village tucked away in the jungle on the coast of South Africa. The nearest shop is in the next town and I work from home where I can hear the sea (and the monkeys and peacocks and fish-eagles and loeries) from my desk.

It's magical!

Projectarian | About

I've been crocheting since 2012 when my mum taught me. I started Projectarian in 2015 as a tool to help me choose a craft I could enjoy every day and make a living from. I tried a few different things and what worked in the end was writing amigurumi patterns. As turns out, I love crochet and so do you, so this website has now become exclusively for crochet.

I spend just about all day every day designing and crocheting the creatures that live in my head but scuba diving is my number one passion because it's the closest thing to space exploration - the ultimate dream!

If you’d like to come along on my adventures, why don’t you hook up with me (pun intended) on Instagram: @Projectarian is where I’m most active. I post every day and always respond to as many comments and messages as I can.

Thanks for the visit!


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