Last year I started dabbling in crochet applique and became instantly addicted! I am beyond excited to share applique patterns with you this year, and I hope you’re going to love them too! Your response to the applique WIPs I’ve shared so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and I cannot wait to share the actual patterns with you so you can enjoy them. I’m kicking off today with my first-ever applique pattern, which is this incredibly fun pair of butterfly wings… on a bunny.

At the time when I designed Butterbun, I was in the mood for a project that felt more like fun than work… which could only possibly mean that a butterfly bunny hybrid was in order! I had the most fun making this little cutie – and creating a new category in my pattern collection for it, named the Nonsense Archives, which I’ll enlist whenever the need for such silliness strikes again. I have a few more weirdos on my To Do list.

Butterbun’s wings are a great stash buster and lend to endless colour combos, so I can’t wait to see the palettes you come up with! The best part about this design though, is even that though the wings have a lot of colour changes in them, YOU WON’T HAVE ANY LOOSE ENDS TO WEAVE IN!!! The wings are lined with a solid colour on the back, sandwiching all the threads inside, so you don’t even have to think about them. You can use as many colours as you like, and you won’t have to weave a single one of them away!

I made 3 Butterbuns and used about 6 colours each for their wings. You can use as many as 20 colors for your wings, or as few as 2! When you download your pattern, you’ll find that I’ve included a diagram that you can use for picking and planning your colours, making it easy to keep track.

To have a bit of extra fun with the bunny itself, I designed the pieces in such a way that the bunny can be assembled in one of 3 different poses: standing, sitting or crouching. The star of the show is of course our monarch Butterbun in a standing pose, so the pattern focuses on this model, but it also includes directions on how to assemble the other 2 poses.

The applique butterfly wings are versatile too, in that you can use them on other amigurumi to create an actual butterfly, a different type of hybrid, or actually use them as applique on a garment, a bag or a cushion. I quite fancy the notion of using them with Candycane the Unicorn to make the most fabulous pegasus anyone has ever seen! Or perhaps even try and use them as a set of eyes on a jumbo amigurumi like Gravity the Triceratops! Maybe as a set of ears on on my CritterDollies Elephant? I need somebody to please try these things and report back! I’m dying to try them myself but I’ve already overloaded my plate for the next several months, with my Mystery CAL in collaboration with Hobbii coming up, plus another big project I’m not allowed to mention yet, and more applique patterns, and of course, some amigurumi too. (There is no sleep in my schedule for the foreseeable future.)

I hope you enjoy the Butterbun pattern, and don’t forget to post your project for me to see! I’m on Instagram and Facebook as @projectarian if you’d like to tag me, and you can browse the #ButterbunPattern hashtag to see everyone’s projects. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon <3



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