Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian
Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

The most magical CAL in the galaxy kicks off on Wednesday, 21 November 2018!

It’s time to sign up and start preparing your supplies so we can all crochet Comet the Unicorn together!

? Click here to join in!?

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian
Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

Comet’s crochet along is going to be hosted at Hooked On Sunshine. It will also be available on Ravelry. If you have any questions, all the info you could ever need is at Comet’s sign-up page.

When the CAL is over, I’ll list the full pattern for purchase at my Etsy store (and for South Africans at my Projectarian shop).

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

This magical babe’s pattern has been a very long time in the making! I started by designing my first Nomadic Galaxy Pony in early 2016. That inspired me to try little unicorns as well so Tiny Hoof was conceived soon after.

TINY HOOF | Tiny Unicorn by Projectarian

Over the years I’ve tried to improve on the design every time I make a new Galaxy Pony so she’s been evolving for a while!

Here’s a little gallery of her evolution, starting with Jewel in June 2016 and finishing with Helia in January this year

So many people asked for her pattern but I was very reluctant to release it because her design isn’t conducive to a mainstream pattern. She’s quite difficult to make, using embroidery, needle felting, complicated sewing, and special supports in her legs to be able to stand.

I also felt like her design was unique and special. My brand is still very small so to be frank, I didn’t want to hand her over for somebody else to be able to make before I’d even had a chance to benefit from all the hard work I’d put into designing her myself.

I’m still nervous about releasing her so soon but with your help, she can grow my little business a little bigger and I can bring you even more magic!

Cue the creation of Comet –

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

When I designed Comet, I wanted her to still have the elegant and realistic shaping everyone was after from my Galaxy Ponies, but at the same time she had to be a design that anyone can make. And that was T O U G H!

Even with my accumulated  experience, it still took me two months to design and write her pattern – the longest I’ve ever dedicated to a single design! That’s excluding the actual editing of the pattern document and having it tested (that whole process is currently only in the beginning stages). To give you a comparison, Atlas the Lion Cub took me about 2 weeks to design.

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

But, what do you mean it took 2 months to design Comet?

Well I mean the total number of days I spent working on her was about 60; re-making each little element over and over and over, figuring out what stitch to place where – until the shaping was exactly the way I wanted it. Her body took about 15 tries (that’s just the area between her neck and legs) – at 109 stitches around, that’s pretty time consuming! Her head took about 20 tries. All her other features were a bit easier except the hair, which I technically only did about 5 times but it was a LOT of hair to redo every time!

Comet’s prototype surrounded by the shrapnel left over from all the failed attempts. I had already recycled most of it back into her body by this stage.

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

I finally got the hair to work and was so sad to be left with these off-cuts of  precious hand dyed merino wool!

Each attempt also includes scribbling down the pattern just “in case it works this time”! Then when it did finally work, I typed it out quickly because relying on a fat stack of notes with 20 similar head patterns is asking for trouble.

When her prototype was complete at long last, I made a second unicorn to check my design – and good thing too because I had somehow managed to lose the final version of my body pattern and the hair didn’t work out at all when I switched to a different yarn.

Then *finally!* I made the third unicorn, so that I could photograph each little step of the process as I went, so that you my friend, will have an-easy-to-follow pattern in the end! In the process I decided the colours I chose weren’t working so I switched them up.

Which meant I ended up with two finished beauties…

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

…which also means there are TWO yarn kit options for you to make Comet with!
Click here to see

This project was incredibly difficult which also made it suuuuper satisfying when I eventually got everything right.  I’m awfully happy with how she turned out, and although greater works of art do exist in the world, she is my great work for now, and I’m really proud. To me she’s beautiful and special and I still don’t want to give her over to the world!!

My little shooting star.

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

I cried from relief and accomplishment after I finished her. And then I posted some pictures of my precious little darling on Instagram. The reaction was a massive tidal wave of love and appreciation for her – it was so overwhelming that I cried again!

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian

After ALL that hard work and emotional frustration, it would mean the world to me if her pattern does really well!

? If you’d like to help me get Comet out there, please share a link to the pattern or links to this post, crediting Projectarian as the designer.

? You can share an image from this post on any social media (there are sharing buttons at the end of this post), and there’s even a pic below that you can pin to your Pinterest board.

? Invite all your crochet friends to join the CAL, and get the word out in your crochet groups so that other members can share her with their friends. (Remember not to share the pattern file itself with anyone.)

Creating awareness for Comet’s pattern will help my brand grow so I can bring you more of this goodness in the future!

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian


If you sign up NOW you’ll get the Early Bird bonus, which includes 2 fun colouring pages of Comet for the kids (or yourself!) and a 10% discount on your next Projectarian pattern purchase at Hooked on Sunshine’s shop!

Thanks for joining our adventure!

xxx & Comet

Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian


Comet the Unicorn | by Projectarian
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28 thoughts on “COMET THE UNICORN

  1. Everything I’ve read and see all your creations, you my dear are the artist of the year in my opinion! Comet the unicorn is simply stunning! I can’t wait to start your CAL Nov 21st. I’ll be slow going since I’ll be having Carpal Tunnel surgery beforehand.

    1. Aw Debbie, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much! I must admit it’s the first time I’ve had the freedom to create what I’ve always want to so I’m really happy you’re enjoying my work too! Good luck with the surgery and of course there’s no rush – you do the CAL at your own pace!

  2. She is darling! What a charmer! All your hard work is so apparent! But so worth it – the finished product is just beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Carol!! 😀

  3. I’ve never done a cal but definitely will be joining this one. I’m a slow crocheter with lots in the go but Comet is a must do!

    1. No worries Pamela, you can go at your own pace – the pattern will be waiting for when you’re ready. Thanks for joining in and I hope you enjoy it! 😀

  4. Bom dia… Amei seus trabalhos.
    Moro no Brasil, e gostaria de ter seu livro.

    1. Hi Vany! I’m not sure I understand. I don’t have a book but you can get Comet’s patter here:
      And my other patterns here:

  5. I just want to say you created a beautiful Unicorn! I totally understand not being in a hurry to share….it is really hard to put out to everyone something you have worked so hard on! But doesnt the end result of your creationg feel special! I love designing my own patterns special for family and friends! I have a daughter and grand daughter that love unicorns! I made a couple for my daughter several years ago for her birthday, I used irredesant yarn for mane and tail. I am making one for my grand daughter for Christmas this year…..the mane and tail on hers will be sparkel pink and purple…her favorite colors! I always make Christmas for family! I love doing it though somethime it is a challenge to get everything done! Good Luck! 🙂

    1. Thanks Joyce! Yes, it’s very difficult, knowing how these types of things can be abused and also trusting that the hundreds of hours I’ve put in will pay off 🙂 I hope you enjoy the CAL and I’d love to see your sparkling unicorn!

  6. Que bello trabajo es el unicornio mas bello que vi felicidades tiene un gran talento .

    1. Thanks Evelyn!

  7. I just opened my Pinterest and this was the first image that popped up and I was immediately stricken. This is an absolutely gorgeous unicorn!

    And waauw, I’m impressed by your patience.
    I’ve tried designing crochet amigurumi a couple of times, but it’s not something I could do all day, every day. Especially as it sometimes feels like your more ripping back than crocheting!

    The biggest design I remember tgat I really did not want to give up on, was a ballerina doll I wanted to make for a friend’s newborn girl that resembled the birth announcement.
    In the end, after many, many tries, the doll turned out exactly as I wanted her to.

    Now, I have already remade and tweaked my pattern multiple times and each time when I show off a doll on my blog, people keep asking me for the pattern, but I’m also very reluctant to share, because I feel like she’s just mine.
    So yeah, this long winded story, just to say that I completely understand your feeling of apprehension for making your Comet public. So I applaud your bravery and would love to support you by participating in this CAL!

    Good luck and my very best wishes,

    1. Ripping back is no fun but the reward is worth it when you end up with a shape that nobody else has ever created before! Thanks for your lovely message Charlotte, I hope you enjoy the CAL! 🙂

  8. Hi I love this unicorn and have been waiting for the pattern for ages but it’s the one you made with chains on that I absolutely adore it also had a sparkle in the eye which you seem to have dropped which is a shame – could you tell me if the chained unicorn pattern is available to buy

    1. Hi Sandra! I’m not sure what you mean by “chained”. I wrote Comet the Unicorn’s pattern to be accessible to everyone so it isn’t identical to my Nomadic Galaxy Pony which is much more difficult to make. My Nomadic Galaxy Pony design has not been released as a pattern, it is also protected by copyright and copying isn’t allowed. Comet the Unicorn’s pattern is available for sale HERE, and the CAL starts on 21 Nov. If you need any more info, just scroll through the page at that link to answer all your questions 🙂

  9. Hi Jesse, Comet is AMAZING… so excited for the CAL… a friend of mines new baby totally needs her added to her Crochet Unicorn collection… <3

    1. Thanks Bonnii! I hope you enjoy the CAL! 🙂

  10. Hi Jessie! I really want to join in on the comet CAL, but i’m short on time in getting yarn! Can you tell me what size of needle I need plz. I’m not from US, so I will not get your yarn-kit in time. Regards Pia ?

    1. Hi Pia! Once you have paid for your pattern you’ll immediately have access to the Prelude of the pattern. This document will tell you what hook size to use, as well as any other info you might need 😉
      PS. I’m not based in the US either. For future reference, the yarn kits are all dyed by hand so IT can sometimes take a couple of weeks to prepAre batches for orders, but once they’re ready they get sent via 3-day DHL shipping!

      1. Thanks for your Antwerpen ?

        1. You’re welcome!

  11. Lot’s of hard work to make the pattern easy for us to understand is much appreciated. I had so much fun even picking out her colors. Only Part1 released so far, but loved watching her little legs develope. So much fun, and such a darling pattern. My granddaughter will absolutely love her. ?

    1. Yes, it’s been quite the journey and it’s not over yet! 😀 Thank Lynn, I hope you enjoy the ride!!!

  12. Hi, I’m from Argentina and I want to know how I can do to have the bosses … please … I’d really appreciate it … I just want to make for my nieces

  13. Hello,

    Thanks for this amazing pattern, excellent work!

    I made my own unicorn, you can see it in my page ( )

    I found hard to make the legs strong enough to support all the mane, also I can’t find the exact brand for it, but overall I think its not bad.

    Best regards,

    Yuritzin Aguirre

    1. Hello Amiyas! I’m so glad you like the pattern. Your unicorn looks beautiful! The design of her legs can be a bit sensitive to the type of yarn used. Sorry to hear that your legs came out a bit soft. Did you use a stiff stuffing for them?

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