SO many of you have asked for it since my Cowboy Boots post, so here it is – the Cowboy Hat pattern!

Cowboy Hat by Projectarian | Free Crochet PatternPersonally, this type of hat is so far from my usual style of work and I wouldn’t normally make anything like it, but a few years ago when I had just learned to crochet and started making baby clothes for my friends, I got the odd request for things like this. So when somebody asked for a set of cowboy boots and a hat for their baby’s photo shoot, I went ahead and made it, took a photo, and posted it on Deviant Art (where I shared most of my work at the time), thinking nobody else would like it. That’s when I got my first and only Daily Deviation ever!

Cowboy Hat by Projectarian | Free Crochet Pattern

Since it was so popular, I decided to use the boots for one of the first crochet patterns I posted when I started this website. That’s when the requests stared coming in for the “cowboy hat pattern too, please”. I honestly never wanted to make another hat like it ever again and to let you in on a secret, when I made the hat for this tutorial I did not tie my yarn off at the end, nor did I cut it or weave in the loose ends. In fact, immediately after finishing, I frogged the whole thing to use the yarn for a different project! Interestingly, I had a similar feeling about Winchesterton The Third, who was also a custom order that I wasn’t particularly wild about- the techniques were super fun to play with but I thought nobody would really be interested in this little doggo – yet it’s turned out to be my most popular pattern to date!

Amigurumi: free crochet pattern for a realistic Schnauzer dog with handmade fur

As much as I didn’t love the designs themselves, I loved that they brought joy to my beautiful customers, and I was happy to know they were getting exactly what they wanted. So cheers to our differences in taste. This pattern is a favour from me to you, to say thanks for popping in, and thanks for letting me know what you want to see here! If this design is up your alley, do enjoy it while I trot off to make some fantastical wee beasts!




Crochet hook: 3mm

Yarn sewing needle/ Tapestry needle





Written in US terminology

Size: 3-6 months.

Difficulty: Easy.

Necessary Skills: The magic ring, and the crochet stitches listed below in abbreviations.

Yarn Weight: Double Knit (Light Worsted / 8ply/ 11wpi).

Yardage: +/- 60 grams.

Gauge: 16 DC x 9 Rows will make a 10 x 9.5 cm swatch.





  • R = Row
  • CH = Chain
  • ST = Stitch
  • SS = Slip stitch
  • DC = Double crochet
  • *…* = Section to be repeated




R1: Ch2. 12 DC in magic ring. Join with a SS. (12)

R2: Ch2. 2DC in each st around. Join with a SS. (24)

R3: Ch2. DC in 1st st. *2DC in next st. DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (36)

R4: Ch2. DC in 1st st. *2DC in next st. DC in next 2 sts.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (48)

R5: Ch2. *DC in 11 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (52)

R6: Ch2. *DC in 12 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (56)

R7: Ch2. *DC in 13 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (60)

R8: Ch2. *DC in 14 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (64)

R9-16: Ch2. DC in each st around. (64)

R17: Ch2.  Work into front loop only for this round. *DC in 7 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (72)

R18: Ch2. *DC in 8 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (80)

R19: Ch2. *DC in 9 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (88)

R20: Ch2. *DC in 10 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. (96)

R21: Ch2. *DC in 11 sts. 2DC in next st.* Repeat all around. Join with a SS. Tie off and weave in loose ends. (104)


Lay the hat flat with your joining seam running down one side. It will look like a little sunhat at this point.

At the bottom edge of Row 4, make a fold to push the top point of the hat down inside the hat. On either side of the hat, the crease should end at the edge or Row 7.

Cowboy Hat by Projectarian | Free Crochet Pattern

Cowboy Hat by Projectarian | Free Crochet Pattern

Lay your hat flat again and flip the brim up in the middle. Pull it down on either side of the hat.

Cowboy Hat by Projectarian | Free Crochet Pattern

Now gently open the hat up, flatten the brim at the front and back of the head, and you’re done!

Tip: To help retain the shape, it’s a good idea to starch the hat.



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Cowboy Hat by Projectarian | Free Crochet Pattern



  1. I just made this, I used a 5.5 mm hook, and added a row of sc around the brim and it was the perfect size for an adult!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Rachelle, good to know!!

    2. I made with a 3.75 hook. This would easily fit a 12 year old! The pattern says 3-6 month old! Don’t waste your time!

      1. Sorry to hear yours came out bigger than desired, Joe. You can see my baby sized hat pictured in relation to the boots which are most certainly baby sized. My hat came out this size using the tools and materials listed. Perhaps your yarn or tension was different to mine? Even if you used double knit, it could have been thinner or thicker than the one I used. There is a gauge swatch provided for this reason. A 3.75mm hook is nearly an entire size up and combined with different yarn could produce a vastly different result.

      2. I made it with a 3mm hook,came out perfect. Maybe you should try using what it calls for?

      3. …PEOPLE are SO rude sometimes. I wonder who raised them to be so disrespectful towards someones hard work and efforts.. especially when that lovely individual was thoughtful and gracious enough to provide their pattern FOR FREE AND allow people to SELL items made using said pattern.
        for shame

  2. Hej Jessie, thanks for the pattern, I will make a little hat to my 4 month old granddauther 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Maria! I’m sure your little granddaughter will look super cute in it 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much .. just found this site!! Been trying to find a pattern for a cowboy hat…. thank you thank you thank you!!!

    1. You’re welcome Susan! Glad I can help you out with a pattern 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the pattern. I plan to make this set for a new baby boy in the family.

    1. My pleasure Gerri! What a great gift 🙂 Enjoy the pattern!

  6. What did you use to starch your hat

    1. I actually didn’t starch mine, just mentioned it as tip for anyone who wants their hat to be firmer

  7. I don’t understand the magic ring? I have searched the entire page and not found it.

    1. Hi Shelly, can you please give me more detail on what you don’t understand about the magic ring? This pattern doesn’t contain instructions on how to do a magic ring, it is a skill you will already need to know to make this pattern (as stated in Necessary Skills at the beginning of the post). The magic ring is then used right at the beginning of the hat, to crochet your first stitches into. To learn how to do a magic ring, you can check out this post of mine: or search You Tube for a video tutorial.

    2. Google they have it on untuned..

      1. Sorry Shelly, I’m not sure what you mean by that…?

  8. Hi for a new born should I use smaller hook?

    1. Hi Esme. Yes, and possibly also thinner yarn. I haven’t experimented with different hook and yarn combos for this pattern so it’ll be a bit of trial and error on your part but at least the pattern is free, right 😉 Enjoy it!

  9. I used a 4.5mm hook and it fits my 2yr old son perfectly ? Thank you so much!

    1. Good to know! I’m glad you found the pattern useful Tia 🙂

  10. I’m loving the look of this cowboy hat I’ve not been crocheting for long but I think I’m going to try this for our baby due in June x

    1. Thanks Hazel, I hope you enjoy it!

  11. Where do I get the boot pattern?

  12. What kind of starch do you use on your hat? I have a spray starch that I use during ironing would this work?

    1. I didn’t actually use any starch on mine, I just mentioned it as a tip for anyone who wants their hat to be firmer. I’m sure your spray starch would work perfectly!

  13. Thank you for the pattern. Can’t wait to try it

    1. You’re welcome! Enjoy it 🙂

  14. I’m gonna make the hat and boots for my grandson who will be here July 5th.

    1. That’s great Sandie! Enjoy the pattern and congratulations 😀

  15. Thank u just found out I’m having a grandbaby and my daughter in law loves cowboy stuff so this has been perfect and I had so much fun!!

    1. You’re welcome, Ginny. Enjoy the pattern!

  16. Would like to make it 9-12 mo size, shall I use bigger needle to achieve this?

    1. Jeri, I would suggest a bigger hook and thicker yarn. Using a bigger hook alone will make your hat floppy.

  17. Thank you for the pattern! I have the boots pattern, so the hat is icing!

    1. You’re welcome Carol! Enjoy it 🙂

  18. Thank you for the pattern it turned out great still trying to get the right combination hook and baby yarn to hit the correct size I want

    1. You’re welcome Teresa! I find that baby yarn is very soft and fine. I used a DK weight yarn that’s on the thicker side to get a stiff hat, otherwise you’d probably need a smaller hook 🙂

  19. How do you keep the brim from falling down?

    1. Hi Louise! The yarn I used is on the thicker side so my hat wasn’t very floppy, the brim stayed in place on its own.

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