Awesome calculator that tells you how many tiles you need for any rectangular/ square panel assembled from tessellating blocks (like hexagons)! http://www.projectarian.com/2016/06/24/crochet-afghan-blanket-calculator/Today I want to introduce you to Tiler, your new favorite crochet helper.

Tiler is a super fancy calculator that you can use to work out exactly how many crochet tiles you’ll need for making any size crochet blanket where the tiles are staggered like bricks and you need to factor in half-tiles, like this one for example:

Moroccan Garden: Free crochet pattern for a floral Ogee tile with halves and quarter pieces

As you can see, this design is made from a tessellating ogee shape, with fractions of the same shape used to fill in the gaps around the perimeter and square off the panel. There are quarters in each corner, half-length tiles along the top and bottom, and half-width tiles down the sides.

Tiler will tell you exactly how many of each type of tile you will need to make any sized panel of your choice, so you can use it to help make blankets, afghans, scarves, throws, cushion covers, bags – basically, anything that’s a square or rectangular panel.




  • Measuring tape/ ruler
  • An appropriate crochet pattern
  • One complete crocheted tile
  • Know what size blanket (or whatever) you want to make






Crochet one full tile, then measure the length and width of it.

If you are using a simple shape like a square, or something with a sharp point at the top and bottom, you can simply measure across the tile at the widest part to get the with (Tile Max Width). Measure from top to bottom to get the length.

Crochet blanket calculator

When using a shape like this particular ogee, you must account for the extra width of the point at the top and bottom of the tile . In this case, measure across the tile at the widest part, and at the narrowest part (Tile Point Width).

Here’s a tile from the Moroccan Garden pattern, showing where to measure:

Crochet blanket calculator







  1. TILE DIMENSIONS: Enter the Tile Max Width, the Tile Length, and the Tile Point Width into the green fields. (Make the Tile Point Width value zero if you’re using a rectangular shape, or one with sharp points at the top and bottom.)
  2. BLANKET DIMENSIONS: Enter the intended Width and Length of your blanket into the blue fields.
  3. RESULTS: See the results at the bottom of the spreadsheet, telling you how many of each piece you’ll need.

Note: Press Enter (or return) after you’ve input all your numbers, to make sure the calculation updates!




Crochet blanket calculator






Well, any pattern using crochet blocks, squares or tiles that can be tessellated and assembled in a staggered layout like bricks. You will also need to be able to make quarters and halves of the blocks used in your design, if you want to fill in the gaps along the sides, top and bottom.

If you aren’t able to make half- and quarter-tiles, you can still use the calculator in the same way, omitting those pieces when making the blanket (in which case, your blanket wont be squared off).

Here are some really cool examples of tessellating crochet shapes:

Crochet blanket calculator

Left to right: Retro Ornament Throw by Red Heart, Painted Hexagons Blanket by Baby Love Brand Kids, Vasarely Blanket by Le Blog Purple.

Tiler was originally invented for use with my free Moroccan Garden pattern which has a tessellating ogee design (thanks to the coolest Dad ever, who programmed the spreadsheet for me <3), but there are so many other shapes that can also work. Please experiment with different ones and let me know how it works out! You can use any square, rectangular or hexagonal crochet block, and you can also try unusual shapes, as long as they tessellate.

Moroccan Garden: Free crochet pattern for a floral Ogee tile with halves and quarter pieces



Thanks for visiting and remember to share this fancy tool with everyone at your crochet addicts’ gatherings.

Tag @Projectarian on Instagram with your #TilerTheCalculator pictures so I can see your awesome work!




Awesome calculator that tells you how many tiles you need for any rectangular/ square panel assembled from tessellating blocks (like hexagons)! http://www.projectarian.com/2016/06/24/crochet-afghan-blanket-calculator/



  1. Thanks Jessie this is the best ever. Im going to love using Tiler.xx

    1. Yay! I hope it helps with your fancy cushion cover 🙂

  2. thank you very much. I’ve struggled to work out blanket patterns made from tiles.

    1. You’re welcome, I hope it’s helpful!

  3. Bonjour
    Je viens de découvrir votre blog que je trouve sublime. vos explications et vos modèles sont magnifiques. Merci pour tout ce que vous partager avec nous. juste un petit truc si vous pouvez ajouter à votre page l’option du choix de la langue comme sa, je peut réellement tout comprendre et ne rien rater de ce que vous nous offrez.
    Merci pour mettre à notre disposition ces petites merveilles.

    1. Bonjour 😀
      Merci pour votre message! Je traduisais pour le lire. Maintenant, je traduis mon propre message de réponse. Désolé si elle n’a pas de sens parfait!
      Merci pour le conseil. Je vais envisager d’ajouter un outil sur mon site pour les lecteurs de traduire les pages dans leur propre langue.
      ~ Jessie

  4. Hello,

    The moroccon afghan looks beautiful. Ive just started making it but cant figure out the tiler. Each time I enter something, it gives a different result. Can you help, please? My dimensions in inches are:

    Tile point width – .5
    Tile width- 3.5
    Tile length- 4.5

    Afghan width- 57 inches
    Afghan length- 85 inches

    1. Hi Nomita!
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I played with the calculator to see what the issue could be, and I think I have the solution: Try pressing enter after inputting all your numbers. That should do the trick, but let me know if you’re still having problems!
      Thanks for bringing that to my attention – I’ve added a note into the instructions too.

  5. Also, is it important that all the tiles be the same size. Mine are all slightly different because I’m using all sorts of left over wool.

    1. When you join them together they *might* stretch out to the correct size, but I can’t guarantee it. I haven’t tried this pattern with mixed yarn weights, but in my experience with mixing yarns in other projects, it hasn’t worked out well.
      To be safe, I would test it by making a sample block of a few columns and rows, with several tiles joined on either side to see if it’s going to stretch out and lay flat, before making hundreds of them!
      Please let me know how it works out!!
      Update: On second thought, the tile is quite loose and flexible so it has a good chance of laying flat once a few of them have been joined. I would still make a sample, but I’m pretty sure it will work out!

  6. W0W!!! Really impressed with your work — your Dad deserves an extra big hug and smooch for his input as well. I just made one tile of your beeYOUteafull Moroccan tile pattern and will be making something for my new granddaughter– not sure yet just how big it will be, but I’m positive it will be well- loved and used!! Thanks a million and one!!

    1. I know right, my Dad is cooler than all the other Dads! Lol.
      I’m glad you like the pattern. I’m always interested to see the colour combinations that people come up with for my patterns, so if you feel like sharing when you’re done, I’d love to see!
      Enjoy making your tiles and I’m sure your granddaughter will be pleased 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. So, where would I get the calculator? Do you have a link to the Spreadsheet? Thanks

    1. Heike, the calculator is in this post that you’re commenting on. Just scroll to the section titled, “Using The Calculator”. There you’ll find the spreadsheet where you can double-click on the fields to enter your own data. Let me know if you need more help 🙂

  8. Calcolator is giving me two differentsums First was 213 second one was 263

    1. the calcolator is telling me that I need to make 22 half width tiles and 18 half length tiles is it backwards i think the length needs more tiles than the width?

    2. Sorry you’re having trouble with the calculator. Could you give me the numbers you input so I can test it for you?

  9. I can not get the calculator to work. Every time I just touch it it sends me way down the the page.

    1. Ooh, sorry Beverly! It works fine on my side, I’m not sure why it would be doing that on your side 🙁

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