She’s the newest addition to my Smuggle-Tuck Pets series, which is a collection of fruits with a secret critter hidden inside! Each pet is a reversible amigurumi and most of them can be made non-reversible too, like a normal plushie. Dipper is one of those, so you can make her as a stuffed, squishy platypus and make her pear as a standalone fruity plush too.

Dipper the Platypus Pear | by Projectarian

Dipper the Platypus Pear is also part of Projectarian’s year of Fur, and if you’ve been following along then you already know that all of my patterns for 2022 have been fur themed. Dipper’s furry feature is that she’s crocheted using fur yarn. If you’ve never tried it, now is the time to give it a go because this pattern is pretty stress-free and easy. Plus, I have a video on how to crochet with fur yarn more easily here.

Dipper the Platypus Pear | by Projectarian

I hope you’ll give Dipper’s pattern a go! She’s a quick one that works well for making gifts too. Share your pics with me on social media using #DipperThePaltypusPear or search the hashtag to see others’ photos of Dipper.

Thanks for visiting! If you’d like to read a story about Dipper, scroll on, otherwise I’ll see you again for the next project 🙂


PS. I’ve been pretty quiet around the internet because Instagram is my favorite platform, except the way it’s changed to favor reels makes it not fun to be on anymore, so I’ve been superbusy offline instead with all sorts of secret patterns in the making. Instagram is stifling my photos and I have no motivation to create reels as it would take up all my designing time to make decent ones, and would then have to be my new full-time job, so I’m in an in-between state where I’m not sure how to get my content seen. Send tips!


Once upon a time in a galaxy far away lived a very sad platypus. Dipper’s heart longed to live in the Milky Way, swimming the starry rivers. All her life she hoped for nothing but a chance to somehow streak across the universe to the river she dreamt of.

One night, Dipper saw a shooting star. She closed her sad little eyes and wished desperately with all her heart that she could live in the Milky Way, “In the River of Stars” she whispered. She opened her eyes with a start, looking around to realize she had suddenly transformed into a pear and was dangling from a tree alongside other pears! “Shooting star, what have you done?” thought Dipper.

A mechanical rumble-hum nearby suddenly grew much louder as she turned to see the giant Pear-Picker2000 swing its many arms in her direction. In a flutter of precision, its steel pincers quickly stripped the entire tree of its pears. The pears tumbled into a basket carried by a F6WorkerBee who flurried them over to a waiting trailer as the pickers stripped more trees and bees filled many baskets.

In no time at all, the orchard was cleared of its ripe, juicy harvest and the pears loaded onto the Royal Jellybean Express for same-day export. Before Dipper could blink, the train shot off like a bullet and her eyes grew wide as the universe whizzed by in a streak of glitter.

With a pop, Dipper transformed back into a platypus and there she lay on a great bed of pears, wondering what that shooting star’s deal was, and planning what she’d say to it if they met.

After some time, when the train started to slow and objects came back into focus, Dipper caught sight of a sign that read, Orion Spur, 6 LM. Dipper gasped, “Orion Spur? We’re headed for the Milky Way! And we’re only six light minutes away! That can only mean – “ Dipper clambered to the edge of the trailer and peeped over. Her face sparkled as she cried, “There it is! It’s the River of Stars!”

As they drew nearer, she could hear the rushing of the wide, shimmering river, spraying vapour around slanting rocks, casting smoky rainbows of refracted glittering starlight.
Dipper waited tensely until the train reached Perseus Bridge. As they crossed over the sweeping expanse of rushing stars she took a running leap, as fast as her little legs could waddle, and flopped over the trailer’s side. Falling from the bridge, she felt stardust on her cheeks which sparkled now as she smiled.

Dipper’s body broke the river’s surface with a satisfying plop and in that very moment she became the happiest platypus who ever lived.

Little Dipper paddled out her life contently in the Milky Way’s River of Stars, right where she always belonged.

The end.


Dipper the Platypus Pear | by Projectarian
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