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I’ve just posted a free pattern for making a cute and sparkly Christmas ice cream ornament on my YouTube channel. The pattern is fun and easy, uses small amounts of yarn, and you can make a whole ice cream in about an hour. I show every step in the video so it’s perfect for beginners too.

I’m showcasing Universe XL yarn by Hobbii in my video. They sent me some to try and I love it – of course – because it’s sparkly and rainbow-coloured! The best part is that this yarn is currently 50% off in Hobbii’s Black Friday saleHobbii’s Black Friday sale (you can get it here), and they have loads of other amazing offers up to 80% off.

I’m having a sale in my own shop too, where you can get 25% off selected patterns until the end of November. Included in my sale are my Christmas patterns, and a few classics. The sale is running in my web shop and on Etsy.

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of candy-themed Christmas ornaments, so for this year’s tree-decorating, I wanted to make some crocheted ornaments to match the theme. An ice cream is perfect because it’s fast and it suits the theme, but as a free pattern it would also be useful to you in others ways besides at Christmas time.

I wanted to make more decorations with the beautiful rainbow yarn though, so I decided to crochet some of my existing Christmas designs as well – those being Candycane the Christmas Unicorn, Truffles the Reindeer (both currently on sale), and Wishing Starfish (a freebie). They look adorable in glittery rainbows and suit my tree perfectly! These two cuties are also pretty quick to make because they’re small. I used to love making herds at a time for craft markets and trying out different colours and accessories on each one.

I have a Truffles and Candycane from previous years, so I added them to my tree as well.

Along with the Universe XL yarn, Hobbii sent me a few others to try as well, and I was having so much fun with my Christmas crocheting that I made a whole ‘nother video showcasing even more yarns and making more cute critters. The video is coming out in a few days so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!

I am in love with my Christmas tree, it looks super magical and I had so much fun making all the deocrations. I hope you’ll enjoy the free ice cream pattern, whether you’re using it for festive decor or not. I would love to see if you make one so remember to tag me @Projectarian on social media if you do and use #ProjectariansXmasCone. I’ll be sharing videos of my tree on Instagram so come on over if you want to see them!

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Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon for my next video!


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