Welcome to that post where I reveal the gigantic version of Hubble who can fit a hot water bottle inside his body! Scroll to the end for Supplies and Instructions or read on for some background and fun pictures 🙂

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

This sea monster is pretty huge – here you can see how massive he is on our queen-sized bed!

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Hubble the Squid is a free pattern I released nearly a year ago and it’s been my most addictive pattern so far! I get so many reports from people falling into the trap of Hubble-addiction that this pattern should probably come with a warning 😉 This fella is super easy to make and works up so fast that you’ll find yourself making a second one before you can think twice about all your other WIPS!

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

It’s a great practice pattern for inexperienced crocheters so if you’ve always wanted to try one of my patterns – or any amigurumi for that matter – but you weren’t sure where to start, begin with Hubble!

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Hubble’s pattern will help you get the hang of reading crochet patterns and bring you up to scratch with common amigurumi techniques.

Although I’m Hubble’s designer, even I’m not immune to the addiction! I’ve probably made more squids than any other animal and because he’s so easy, I used him for my very first attempt at mini amigurumi!

I also really wanted to try making a giant version using the fattest yarn and the biggest hook I could find. He turned out big enough that he can actually fit a hot water bottle inside his body!

My favorite is this electric hot water bottle because you just plug it in, it takes 5 minutes to get piping hot and stays warm the whole night. And, of course, fits perfectly inside Hubble!

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian


2 X 300 g balls of Charity Mega Chunky Solid (yarn weight 7)
Double knit yarn in matching body colour for the eyes
Double knit yarn in eye colours (white, black and 3 shades of blue)

15mm hook
5mm hook (or thereabouts) for weaving in the ends

Hubble the Squid
The eye pattern comes from my Orbit the Dragon pattern (specifically from the expansion pack)

5 rows X 6SC = 10 X 10 cm swatch (using a 15mm hook).


Step 1: Make the eyes using my pattern for Orbit the Dragon’s open eyes. When you get to the Eyelid part of the eye, use a colour that matches the squid’s main body colour.

Step 2: Follow my Hubble the Squid pattern to the end of R32 of the body (page 18 of the pattern). To finish, work a SS into the next 2 sts to taper off your row then tie off. Before weaving in the ends, I first tied a knot at the end of my loose thread to stop it unraveling. Then I used my 5mm hook to weave in the ends as you would with a needle.

Step 3: Using buttons that fit snugly through the stitch holes, sew 3 buttons inside the body near the open edge so that you can button the body closed. Use the eyelid colour for sewing. Then you can put the hot water bottle inside and button it up!

Step 4: Have a fun photo shoot with your new snuggle-monster and then send me pictures! You can share you pictures with me on Facebook (post your pictures in the Projectarian group) on Instagram. Tag me using @Projectarian or the #HubbleTheSquid hashtag! Here are some pictures from my shoot with my new puppy, Scallop:

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

These pictures were all taken just a few days after I rescued her so she’s still really skinny here (if you love puppies you can see more of Scallop in my Instagram stories highlights).

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your sea monster! You can pin the image below to save this project for later:


Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian
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