If you need help with a pattern, post your questions in the Hooked on Sunshine Facebook group for a speedy response from the support team. To see a list of the Projectarian patterns that are supported by HoS, visit their shop.

For help with any other Projectarian pattern unsupported by HoS, post in the Projectarian Facebook group to reach the community. You can also email me directly at, although email responses might be slow because I’m a one-person business 🙂


My patterns are thoroughly tested by a large group of people where they’re meticulously checked and rechecked for errors and ease of use before I release them into the world. I cram my patterns full of pictures and extra notes to guide you through each little step of the project. Every pattern you purchase comes with a free amigurumi tips booklet to teach you techniques you may be unfamiliar with.


I gladly accept cancellations, with a money-back guarantee on any of the following grounds:

  • product does not match the description
  • product is not fit for its intended purpose
  • product is of poor quality

Since my products are digital I cannot reclaim them once you’ve downloaded them so please read the product descriptions before purchase. You will not be eligible for a refund on any digital item that has already been downloaded unless it meets the above criteria.


I just purchase a pattern, where can I find it?

As soon as payment is made, you’ll automatically get an receipt from Projectarian Shop, delivered to the email address you entered at Checkout. There is a link in that receipt which you can click to download your pattern.

If you can’t find that email, please login to your Account in my shop and click on Downloads, where you’ll see a list of all the patterns you’ve purchased.

For help locating a pattern you bought on Etsy, here’s how to find your files. If you still can’t find them, you possibly checked out as a guest. Click here for more help.

Can you email me the pattern?

No. Well, yes I can but only as a very last resort. The files are large, it’s time consuming, and it’s my least favorite thing to do because I pay for the process to be automated; please try to find your pattern using the help above. If you ask me to email you a pattern, I’ll go through the above processes with you first to try and help you access your order instead (especially so that you can access future orders too).

I want to try amigurumi but I’m scared!

Be brave 🙂 I go to great lengths to make my patterns easy to follow and I get tons of positive feedback on them. To get an idea of my writing style, try this free pattern.

I’m busy with one of your patterns but I’m stuck and I need help!

Post your questions in this Facebook group. This group is where all my pattern testers hang out, as well as a dedicated team of amigurumi assistants who are familiar with my patterns, and so many helpful members! If you need help with a pattern, please post your questions in the group for a speedy response. I am unable to provide speedy one-on-one assistance to everyone and so this group is here for you!!! (HoS supports these patterns, for questions about other patterns, post in the Projectarian group).

I accidentally deleted my pattern file from my computer, can I have another copy?

You can download your pattern an unlimited number of times once you’ve purchased it! Login to your Account and click on Downloads to find all the patterns you’ve purchased. Whether you purchased your pattern here, on Etsy, Ravelry or Hooked on Sushine you will still have unlimited downloads on that particular platform.

Where can I buy your yarn kits?

Hooked on Sunshine sells hand dyed merino wool kits by Miss La Motte yarns for nearly all of my premium patterns and some of my free patterns! Get them here.

I don’t speak English. Can I get your pattern in a different language?

My patterns are only available in English. Although I go to great lengths to make my patterns easy to follow, you will need to be able to read English to understand them. You may be able to follow the ones rated easy/beginner but the ones rated intermediate will be a bit more difficult. Here is a free pattern for you to try. Language translations of my patterns are strictly prohibited.


Instagram is my favorite social platform so if you’d like to interact with me personally, that’s where I spend most of my online time. Except when I’m recharging my introvert batteries, you can find me on IG every day, posting new content and interacting with followers.


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