Halo the Labrador | by Projectarian

Welcome to the third crochet pattern in my puppy series! When I planned the collection, I wanted to each pup to have a free add-on. Rocket the Beagle has a toy Duck, Buzz the German Shepherd has a toy sheep, and since Labradors are the world’s most popular breed of service dog, Halo was going to be a he, with an emotional support vest and baseball cap.

Halo the Labrador | by Projectarian

As lockdowns were announced and we all felt like we needed a hug, I was setting up to design Halo’s accessories when it occurred to me that she could be more than a service dog. Halo could be an angel!

And so she wears a halo and magical cape that give her special powers of love and comfort, making her Projectarian’s little angelic superhero! The accessories are removable so you can make her without them, or put them on a different model.

By changing the colours, Halo’s model can be used to make different breeds of dog including a boxer, mastiff, dalmatian and rottweiler, among others.

Halo the Labrador | by Projectarian


Choose an option to get Halo’s full pattern including her magical get-up, or get the accessories on their own for free:


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There will be one more pup in the series, likely a Standard Poodle to be released later this year if all goes according to plan. I’m currently busy designing the most ridiculously complex lemur, and there have been an overwhelming number of requests for this mask, so there might be some adjustments to my schedule but rest assured there is one more pup on the way!

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I hope you enjoy this project! You can see more of Halo on Instagram and share your own pictures on social media using #HaloTheLabrador.


Halo the Labrador | by Projectarian