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Once upon a time, Projectarian met Hobbii and fell in love. We are celebrating our new relationship status by giving away a $100 Hobbii shopping voucher!!! The giveaway is exclusive to Instagram and you can find details on how to enter in this post. Read on for more about my impression of the magical land of Hobbii, their products and their people – and our plans to collaborate

Hobbii HQ recently contacted me with a request to collaborate with them on a secret project. Although I’ve seen people using their yarns for my patterns, I’ve never had the chance to try any myself so I was super excited at the opportunity. I can’t tell you the details about our collaboration project yet, but I can tell you that I had the chance to sink my hooks into some Hobbii squish, I was delighted by it and I’m so looking forward to the project we have planned! Featured in this post is some Honey Bunny Candy which is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I’m obsessed.

Picking out yarn and accessories from their shop in the first place was extra fun because they have some adorable and unique products I haven’t seen anywhere else. When the package arrived, it was a joy to unbox and see all the beautiful fibres and tools in person!

I usually don’t shop online for yarn because I often end up with colours that look different in real life to how they were on screen. To an extent, that’s unavoidable, but I found the Hobbii yarns were exactly as I expected them to be in real life, which makes online shopping less stressful for me. I dove in immediately to try all the new goodies and honestly, they were great quality too.

I spent some more time slowly browsing through, and there’s such a huge range and variety to choose from in their shop that it seems they stock just about everything I could ever possibly need for designing anything.

Enough gushing about their products, I would now like to gush about the people: Can I just say that the team at Hobbii are the most professional, organized, responsive, friendly and pleasant bunch I’ve ever had the luxury of working with. It’s such a breath of fresh air in fact, that on that basis alone I’d be happy to collab with them!

My new love Hobbii and I have a very exciting project planned for you, and I have to keep it a secret for now, but I promise you’re going to want to hear about it when I spill the beans! Join my mailing list for important announcements so you don’t miss out.

I’ll also be sharing secrets about the project on my Instagram over the next few months, so follow along to see the sneak peeks, join in the fun and guess what’s coming!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon!


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