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Let's prepare for Orbit the Dragon's crochet along! This is the Preface to Orbit's pattern and here you'll find all the info you need to gather your supplies in time before the CAL starts! It will tell you everything you need to know, from hooks and yarn to stuffing, and how much of everything you'll need, as well as notes and tips for making your baby dragon the best baby dragon!

DOWNLOADS: Scroll to the end of this post to download the a copy of this Preface, and my Pro Tips for amigurumi. There you'll also find links to each pattern part as they are released.

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This crochet along is being co-hosted by Hooked On Sunshine.

A big thank you goes to Vanessa and her incredible team for helping put this project together.

The fabulous Sunshine test team has thoroughly tested the pattern to make sure it's very user-friendly and has no errors.

Special thanks to Brett as well for formatting the pattern into such a beautiful layout, which you'll see if you download the files.

You can purchase a yarn pack for making your Orbit like the picture, at the Hooked On Sunshine store






Written in US terminology

Size: 22cm Tall

Difficulty: Intermediate

Yarn weight: Double Knit Merino (Light Worsted / 8ply/ 11wpi)

Although this pattern is rated as intermediate, don't be afraid to try it, no matter your skill level! The instructions are jam-packed with over 100 photos to guide you through, and you can contact me or the massive support group at Hooked n Sunshine for help if you get stuck!





Working in the round (in a spiral)

Counting/marking stitches and rows

Using a stitch marker/running stitch marker

Basic sewing

Use an invisible decrease when you crochet 2 stitches together

Changing colours

(These techniques are taught in the Pro Tips section. Scroll to the end of this post to download it.)





2.5mm hook (B or C)


Yarn sewing needle

Stuffing (approximately 60g)

Pins with large head

Optional: Stitch markers and row counter





R = Row/ Round

CH = Chain

ST = Stitch

SS = Slip stitch

SC = Single crochet

HDC = Half double crochet

DC = Double crochet

TRC = Triple crochet

PS = Puff stitch (instructions included)

* = Section to be repeated

rem = remaining

tog = together





Gauge is not critical with amigurumi, but it is important to keep your tension uniform throughout this pattern in order for the pieces to fit together correctly. The finished size of each piece is given at every section. Ensure that your pieces are the correct size as you go.

Orbit is designed to sit in a rigid upright position. Using the recommended hook size and yarn weight will produce a rather tight mesh that will help make the horns and fins firm, and it will make the legs stiff enough to support the body.





Body colour: Miss La Motte DK merino: Rainbow Dreams - 175g/315m

Fin colour: Elle Pure Gold DK acrylic: Riviera - 6g/2.5m

Paw/Belly/Cheek colour: Elle Pure Gold DK acrylic: Blossom - 45g/18m

Eye/Horn colour: Elle Pure Gold DK acrylic: Vanilla - 8g/3.5m

Smile line in eye: Elle Pure Gold DK acrylic: Titanium - 0.4g/40cm

Note: If you are using a different yarn to the ones suggested, try to use the same brand throughout so that the pieces come out in the correct proportions.





If you’re not using the colours listed in yarn quantities, here’s some advice on picking colours for your baby dragon:

Belly, paws, and cheeks should be a soft fleshy colour, like a new puppy’s paws and belly.

Horns and eyes should be a very pale neutral colour, like cream or very light grey. Use black or dark grey for the smile line in the eyes.

Fins should contrast the body colour so they’re clearly visible

The body colour should be clearly distinguishable from all the other colours to preserve the detail of the dragon’s different features. A variegated yarn is recommended if you want your baby reptile to have interesting, scaly skin. Some variegated yarns make stripes instead of patches, so make a sample piece to test for the desired effect you want for your dragon.





It is recommended that you read the extra notes throughout the pattern. There are tips and information that will help you produce a finished piece most similar to the picture.

Weaving in ends: Each body part is started with a magic ring. Weave in your starting thread after working the first few rounds to secure it.

Stuffing: This is an important step that will greatly influence the shape of your finished project. Take your time and pay attention to the shape of the pieces as you stuff them, molding them into the correct shapes, as pictured. This amigurumi should sit rigidly and be firmly stuffed. Compact the stuffing firmly as you go, but do not over-stuff the pieces. The stuffing shouldn’t be visible through your stitches. Insert small pieces of stuffing at a time to avoid lumps.

If you are making this for a child, please check your local safety laws regarding age suitability.






(YO, insert hook, draw up a loop) 4 times. YO with new colour, draw through all 9 loops on hook. Ch1. Puff Stitch and colour change complete.

TIP: Pulling through 9 loops on your hook can be tricky, especially if your tension is very tight. If you struggle with the puff stitch, try loosening your tension a little on these stitches; work with relaxed hands.















Orbit the Dragon | FREE pattern by Projectarian



  1. When will the first part of the pattern start

    1. 21 June

      1. Of 2018?

        1. Yes 🙂

  2. Hi just wanting to confirm the overall size of the completed pattern please

    1. Hi Anne, the size is listed under Basic Info right at the beginning of the Preface. Orbit is 22cm tall 😉 Enjoy it!

      1. 2cm or 22cm tall please

        1. Sorry for the typo, that is 22cm tall, as stated in the pattern info

  3. I am REALLY wanting to make this dragon for my daughter and I cant purchase the yarn kit. When I click the link it says post not found. 🙁 is there another way i can buy this yarn? These colors are perfect and I’ve looked online for 2 days for something similar and when I do find a similar rainbow yarn, they dont have the other colors I need in that same brand. I dont want to use different brands because it never turns out as well. Please help!

    1. Sorry Danielle, when Hooked on Sunshine updated their site the link was changed and I didn’t realize. I’ll fix the links, and in meantime here is a direct link for you to get this one-of-a-kind scrumptious yarn: https://hookedonsunshine.co/product/orbit-the-dragon-yarn-kits/

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