Phoenix the Fox is a life-sized amigurumi, and by that, I do mean he’s the size of a real fox (this video shows his size clearly)! He’s crocheted with fur yarn so he’s fluffy and cuddly too – quite a soft model so you could even add weights inside to make him floppy if you wanted to.


Phoenix’s pattern is a crochet-along (CAL), starting in a few days’ time and you can sign up on Ravelry. If you have any questions about the CAL, you can post in my Facebook group for more info. Here’s a quick list of the most important points:

  • CAL registration is now open and you can join in anytime until the end of the CAL.
  • Upon registration, you’ll receive the pattern Prelude, Welcome Letter and Amigurumi Tips booklet. These contain all the info you need to prepare for your project including materials, skills and dates. You’ll also receive the current pattern parts of the CAL as applicable.
  • Crocheting begins on 16 Nov 2023.
  • The last part of the CAL comes out on 4 Dec 2023.
  • Phoenix is crocheted with fur yarn. Don’t be deterred by this! I have a video that teaches you how to easily crochet with fur. Watch it here.
  • There is 24h after-sales support for this pattern.
  • Phoenix is a large model that uses bulky yarn and a large hook (7mm) so he works up faster than you might expect.
  • If you miss the CAL, you can still buy the full pattern after the CAL. It will be available like a normal pattern on all Projectarian shopping platforms from 4 Dec onwards, at the same price.
  • I am having a Black Friday sale but this pattern won’t be included in it (join my mailing list for sale notifications).

Read on for some background info about Phoenix’s development.

Phoenix the Fox has been a loooong time coming! When I started Projectarian in 2015, my patterns didn’t follow the stringent quality standards that they do now. I didn’t really get my patterns tested back then, and their documents weren’t as detailed with as much information as my current patterns have in them. In 2018, I set a whole new quality precedent, and took all my paid patterns off the shelf to start over with better ones. One of the patterns to get binned was Fox in Slumberland, and I’ve had so many requests since then to bring the pattern back.

Ever since that turning point, I wanted to revamp all my discontinued patterns and re-release them. At first I did Mars and Jupiter. Then I was supposed to revamp my Longing Lion Cub pattern but when I got into it, the design demanded to be bigger and better – and the resulting amigurumi was so different from the original that it needed a whole new name, so that’s how Atlas the Lion Cub came to be. Something similar happened with Octobubble, whose revamp resulted in the ever-popular giant, Apollo the Octopus! I suppose there was no deniying it when I finally got to revamping Fox in Slumberland and ended up with a furry, life-sized body-pillow called Phoenix!

So, instead of revamping old patterns to tick them off my list, I have ended up creating new ones, my list is no shorter, and I still want to revamp the old ones! I do believe the time will eventually come when I’ll have the personal restraint and the schedule to actually re-release those oldies. In the meanwhile, I do apologize to those who specifically wanted Fox in Slumberland back, and I hope Phoenix can stand in until I eventually get there! To those who have never heard of Fox in Slumberland: let me know if you want that pattern too!

I hope to see you in the CAL! Let me know if you’ll be joining in (you can get in touch with me on Facebook and Instagram). During the CAL, I would love to follow along with your progress – I’m so excited to see all the foxes! – so please share progress pics and tag me @Projectarian! You can also follow the #PhoenixTheFox hashtag on social media to see other foxes in progress and use the tag to include yours.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon for the Black November sale!



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