Astro the Tortoise | life-sized amigurumi pattern


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Biologists believe that tortoise shells are made of keratin, but it was recently discovered that we didn’t know what we thought we knew about tortoises. Take Astro for example, who has a shell made of opal. The truth is that all tortoises actually have shells made of precious stone, they just don’t know it yet.

When the Russian scientists at The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities discovered this colourful character in their tortoise pen, there was much befuddlement. After some interrogation however, the beast identified himself as Astro the Tortoise; he was visiting his tortoise family.

Everyone was surprised because they thought Astro was a goner after hitching him on a moon-orbiting rocket which returned mysteriously without its passenger. The truth is that during this moon mission, Astro was met by a colony of space tortoises. Every one of them encased with a shell of enormous glistening gemstones, twinkling in the light of our sun. The truth is that when cosmic rays hit the keratin of an Earth tortoise’s shell, the proteins crystalize into minerals, converting their carapace into a dazzling crust of precious stone!

The space tortoises took Astro into their creep, taught him about the secrets inside himself, and assisted him in crystalizing his own brilliant shell of hydrated silica, which we know as the exquisite gemstone, opal.

Luckily for us, Astro missed his mum, and so he returned to Earth for a visit. Consequently, we were let in on the secret, although it is still kept well hushed to avoid further embarrassment to Roscosmos.



This is an advanced-level pattern for making a realistic, life-sized tortoise with a removable shell. This model does not have a huge amount of sewing or loose ends to weave in, as all the shell’s pieces are crocheted together as you go, and the loose ends are encased inside the shell. This project will teach you fun techniques such as how to crochet hexagons and pentagons together and how to make an open mouth. The head is worked differently from the traditional amigurumi ball variety, and you’ll also learn some basic needle sculpting for eyes. The document contains loads of picture to guide you through every step, and you can get help from the Projectarian community in forum format here.


  • 40 page pattern with written instructions and 450+ pictures (includes strawberry)
  • Detailed supplies list including yarn quantities, tools, skills, and any other supplies
  • Free bonus Booklet: Projectarian’s Pro Tips for Amigurumi
  • Free support from a large network of experienced crocheters.



Yarn #1. Double knit, which is the equivalent to yarn weight 3, light worsted, 8 ply or 11 wpi.

Yarn #2. 4 Ply, which is the equivalent to yarn weight 2, fingering or 14 wpi.

YARDAGE: total amount = approx. 160g

FINISHED SIZE: 22 cm long x 13 cm tall.

TERMINOLOGY: US terminology with metric sizes.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced.

Although it is rated as advanced, I’ve written this pattern with lower skill levels in mind. The pattern has been thoroughly tested to ensure it’s accurate and easy to follow. If you get stuck, get forum-style help from the Projectarian community on Facebook (link in pattern).

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Astro the Tortoise | Crochet Pattern by Projectarian.

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