Dipper the Platypus Pear | reversible amigurumi pattern


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Dipper longed to live in the Milky Way and swim the River of Stars. One day she wished upon a shooting star and was magically transformed into a pear, hanging ripe on a pear tree in an orchard. At harvest time, this magical platypus-pear was picked, along with all the regular pears, and swept across the galaxy on the Royal Jelly Bean Express for delivery at Orion Spur, which, as everybody knows, is in the Milky Way. Dipper, who had turned back into a platypus by then, took a flying leap off the train gondola and landed in the River of Stars with a plop, where she lived happily ever after.


This pattern is the third addition to the Smuggle-Tuck Pets collection and it’s part of Projectarian’s Year of Fur event.

It features the use of fur yarn for crocheting a platypus that can turn inside out to become a pear, as part of my Smuggle-Tuck Pets collection of fruits which contain a secret pet inside. The option is included for both models to be made separately and stuffed. The platypus and pear’s loose features are crocheted separately and assembled by sewing. Crocheting with and sewing fur might be more challenging than regular yarn, but fur also hides mistakes very well! To give yourself an easier time, be sure to watch my video on how to crochet with fur.

More about Projectarian’s Year of Fur and other furry projects here.




  • 26-page pattern with written instructions and 130+ pictures
  • Detailed supplies list including yarn quantities, tools, skills, and any other supplies
  • Free bonus Booklet: Projectarian’s Pro Tips for Amigurumi
  • Free access to 24h dedicated support here and forum-style support here.
  • Supplementary fur-crocheting video here.



YARN WEIGHT: Double knit, chenille and fur (more info in pattern, including how to substitute with different yarns)

SIZE: platypus is 43 cm long, pear is 29 cm.

TERMINOLOGY: US terminology with metric sizes.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.

I’ve written this pattern with you in mind, and gone to great lengths to make it accessible to those with beginner skills. The pattern has been thoroughly tested to ensure it’s accurate and easy to follow. If you get stuck, see the help resources and links above. I have a video on the fur crocheting technique, so visit my YouTube channel for that.

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Dipper the Platypus Pear | Crochet Pattern by Projectarian.

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