Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian
Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Many of you have already met Hubble… and have been requesting the pattern for ages!

Well now it’s here – and it’s FREE!!!


I know right? You can thank me by sharing it with EVERYONE you know. But seriously, please share this pattern, I’ve worked really hard on it! ?

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Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Download the pattern now

You can download this pattern for FREE from my online shop, here or from Ravelry, here. If you use Ravelry, please remember to add this pattern to your favorites!

Read on for more juicy background about Hubble and his pattern…

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

He started out as “Cosmic Squid” when I designed my very first one in May 2016. The design has stayed the same over the 25 or so squids that I’ve made, and you can see them all with the #CosmicSquid hashtag on Instagram.

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

He’s been one of my most highly requested patterns along with my unicorns (which you can get now) and sleepy fox (which is still coming one day).

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Why the name change?

Well, when I decided it was time to publish the pattern at long last, he needed a name that was individually his, not one referring to his “kind”. And so, this special little individual snowflake was christened Hubble for his pattern. Or, Hubble Bubbles the Giant Humboldt Squid in full.

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

What do you mean “giant”? He’s so little!

Oh, have you not seen the GINORMOUS behemoth I’m busy making with mega chunky yarn and a 15mm hook?! (You would if you follow me on Instagram!) I’ll write a full post on how to make him as a hot water bottle holder next time 😉

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I always made my squiddies with sleeping eyes before, but this little fella was so excited to finally have his pattern written that I couldn’t get him to stop smiling.

In the pattern, you’ll have the option to give your squid smiling or sleeping eyes.

Cosmic Squid by Projectarian

Hubble the Squid is good for premature babies!

Giving vulnerable preemies something to grip, touch and snuggle in the incubator – substituting for a womb environment – helps them to develop and even thrive by regulating everything from oxygen intake to heartbeat. Having tentacles to grip can prevent them from pulling out their tubes too.

Touch is important for all babies (they can die without it) but especially our delicate little premature tots who thrive on companionship and physical affection.

Hubble can’t replace a loving human embrace but in the time confined to an incubator he’s a fabulous stand-in!

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian


Hubble can be child safe

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Hubble is a very robust and durable design that can take a lot of abuse from wild young’uns!

Hubble can be an heirloom

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

If you make your squid using the yarn kit, you’ll have a beautiful, premium quality heirloom toy to be passed down for generations.

The yarn in Hubble’s kit is merino wool, made in South Africa and hand dyed by the talented Miss La Motte Yarns.

Hubble is an easy pattern

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

It couldn’t get more easy-peasy than this! Hubble’s pattern is written with beginners in mind. It’s a very simple design that’s broken down into easy steps with TONS of pictures. If you want to be spoon fed, this pattern is for you!

Made all in one piece, there’s almost no sewing – you only have to attach the eyes, which can be substituted with safety eyes if you’re highly allergic to sewing 😉

Get the FREE Wishing Starfish pattern too!!

Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian

Wishing Starfish is Hubble’s bestie and they love to cuddle!

Use Hubble’s eyes on my FREE Christmas Stars pattern to make your own Wishing Starfish friends for Hubble! You can see loads of these little starfishies via the #WishingStarfish hashtag on Instagram.

Show me your sea creatures!!

Tag me @Projectarian on Instagram or Facebook to show me your squids and starfish! Use the #HubbleTheSquid and #WishingStarfish hashtags so other Projectarians can see your work too! You can also share you cuties in our Facebook group.

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Hubble the Squid | by Projectarian



  1. Hi Jessie, Hubble is so cute to cuddle too, really love both eyes smiling or sleeping 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, I will sure spread the love for your work. All the best !

    1. Thank you so much Meli! 🙂

  2. Bellísimo! Me encantó ❤❤???

    1. Thanks Susana 🙂

  3. Hi, where can I find the code please?

    1. Are you looking for the pattern? Click on the button that says “Download the pattern now” 🙂

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