Every once in a blue moon I take a few hours off from work, and what better way to use a break from writing crochet patterns… than to spend it crocheting! …But then I ended up publishing the pattern here just a few hours later so in the end I guess I was working all along. (Hi, I’m and I’m an addict).

Two-hour project: Legwarmers for beginners | by Projectarian

These lazy Sunday legwarmers will only take you a couple of hours to work up and exactly one ball of yarn. It’s one of those projects you don’t have to think about at all while you watch your favorite cooking show. If you’re a beginner this pattern is easy-peasy practice, resulting in something you can actually use in the end.

I already have a few pairs of legwarmers (big fan!) that I wear daily throughout winter but a.) I wanted a pair I could wear out of the house and b.) I saw this yarn and it looked like it already belonged to me so I took it home c.) the yarn is 53% wool and that equals warmth! I’m a sissy.

Two-hour project: Legwarmers for beginners | by Projectarian

The most important tools for this pattern are fat yarn and a fat hook to match! The pattern is suuuuper simple so it works best with interesting yarn that has lots of colour (and texture is good). See more info on tools and supplies below.


Written in US terminology
Difficulty: Beginner
Time: 2 hours
Yarn weight: Bulky/chunky/20ply (choose yarn with a recommended hook size of 8mm on the label)
Yarn pictured: Katia, Inca Ice, colour 307
Yardage: 100g/100m (how satisfying is that round yardage ratio?!)
Gauge: 10HDC X 8 rows = 15 x 15 cm block
Other supplies: 12mm hook, yarn sewing needle, optional: scale for weighing

Two-hour project: Legwarmers for beginners | by Projectarian


R – row
Ch – chain
SS – slip stitch
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
* – section to be repeated


If you have a scale, start by separating your yarn into two equal halves. Simply roll off yarn from the ball until you have 2 balls weighing 50g each. If you don’t have a scale, work from both ends of the yarn at the same time, thus making both legwarmers at the simultaneously (one from each end of the ball of yarn)

R1: Chain just long enough to fit tightly around your calf. (I used 20 chain so for the purpose of this pattern I’ll use that number throughout). Join with a SS into the 1st ch, making sure the chain hasn’t twisted anywhere. Ch1, starting in 1st ch, HDC in every ch around. (20)

I wear mine with the starting chain around my ankle; since the chain is made to fit my calf tightly, the stitches worked into it are much stretchier so they fit my calf comfortably.

R2-12: *Ch1, Starting in the 1st st, HDC in every stitch around.* At the end of the row, join with a SS in the 1st HDC. *Repeat until you run out of yarn.

For me that was 12 rows and I had a little left over so I worked my 13th row in SC stitches.

R13: Ch1, Starting in the 1st st, SC in every stitch around. Join with a SS in 1st SC.

And that’s it – you’re done!

To tie off, ch1, cut yarn (unless your crocheting from 2 separate balls) and pull the loose end all the way through.

Weave in the loose ends with your yarn sewing needle by sewing in and out of the nearby stitches, changing direction sharply to lock your loose ends in place.

Two-hour project: Legwarmers for beginners | by Projectarian

Slip your woolly warmers on and enjoy! They look super cute with boots, too:

Top tip: Your dining table can make a great backdrop for photos, especially if it’s white, like mine! ?

Two-hour project: Legwarmers for beginners | by Projectarian

Thanks for visiting! I hope this pattern helped you practice (or zone out) and keeps you warm when it’s chilly on your side of the world!



Two-hour project: Legwarmers for beginners | by Projectarian
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  1. Easy peasy, just what we need some days when we are tired but still want to crochet.
    What a cute gift idea ?
    Thanks again for sharing

    1. You’re welcome Hannah, I’m glad you like it 😀

  2. Thank you Jessie! Working on Apollo right now, bit will make a pair of these leg warmers. Take care!

    1. You’re welcome Herlinde, I hope you enjoy the projects!! 😀

  3. Love these!!! I have some yarn I didn’t know what to do with that will work well. It’ll be my firt time using a super chunky with a bog hook!

    1. I’m so glad you found the pattern useful 😀

  4. I don’t understand what you mean by working both simultaneously.

    1. It means make both legwarmers at the same time, using both ends from your ball of yarn (the end on the outside of the ball and the end on the inside of the ball).

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