Thank you so much for considering my Influencer Club!

In a nutshell, I provide you with patterns for free, and you crochet them and post about them on your social media. If that sounds like your jam, read on for details.

Each time I launch a new pattern, I’ll reach out to you directly on Instagram and give you the option the receive that pattern. The pattern will be shared via Google Drive for you to download if you choose to accept it.

Sometimes I relaunch existing patterns for various reasons. This means you’ll sometimes have the option to receive patterns that were published before you joined the club.

You don’t have to accept every pattern that is offered to you. You can pick whether you’d like to take on the pattern each time one is offered.

If you accept a pattern, you are committed to completing the item from the pattern and posting about it.

You’ll have access to a list of the supplies that you’ll need for a project, and the amount of time allotted for that project, before you commit to it.

1.) Crochet the item from the pattern.
2.) Post about the item on social media before the deadline arrives.

You’ll post content about the book on your social media, using the following guidelines:

Where to post:
– On the same Instagram account where you received the invitation to join the club.
– You’re welcome to post on any other social media platform in addition to your Instagram. Using additional platforms is optional and up to you.

What to post:
– Publish at least 1 post while making your project, showing your work in progress
– Publish at least 1 post when your project is complete, showing off the item.
These 2 posts must be permanent feed-type posts (as opposed to disappearing story-type posts). They can be in any format such as photos, carousels, videos, reels, streams, or a combination.
Extra posts besides these are optional and totally up to you!
– If you’d like to publish additional posts, this is totally up to you and can be any type of post you want to make. You can post before starting the project, during the preparation stage, or post your progress and you go, or make multiple posts after the project is complete to show it off.

When to post:
– Any time up until the deadline that is set when you receive the pattern.

Captions and tagging:
– Write anything you want to in your caption, then tag @Projectarian and also include the hashtag for that specific pattern in your caption (each Projectarian pattern has its own unique hashtag, such as #CometTheUnicorn, for example). Your caption doesn’t need to be a sales pitch of any kind. You don’t have to try and sell the pattern. You can say anything you like in your captions. You could talk about what you enjoyed about the project, what you learned, simply describe what the item is, or write anything else you want to write.
– The caption must also state that the design is by Projectarian.
– The caption must also describe how to get the pattern. You can do this in any way that suits you and makes sense for the platform that you’re using. Here are various examples of how to do it:
1.) Include a direct link the to the pattern’s product page on my Projection website. Please only use links that are clickable. For example, a link in an Instagram caption isn’t clickable, but a link in a blog post or on Facebook is clickable.
2.) Simply state where to get it, such as, “You can get the pattern from Projectarian’s website.” Or something like, “Click the link in @Projectarian’s bio to get the pattern from her shop.” for Instagram.

I think that covers everything but please pop me a message on Instagram if you have any questions! This is a new frontier for me so there might be adjustments to the guidelines as we go. Thank you again!


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