If you’re in lockdown and wondering whether your yarn stash will fit the fit project you’ve been eyeing, these new Quick Pattern Guides will come in handy! Feel free to Pin these to your crochet boards and share links with your friends; these are freebies, intended to make our lives easier while we #StayHomeAndCrochet. You can also download and print them out as a shopping list for yarn if you’re able to shop.

Read on for more info or scroll down to get the guides. For now, Apollo, Comet and Gravity are the first ones available, with more to come.

#StayHomeAndCrochet | by Projectarian

Quick Pattern Guides tell you at a glance what difficulty level a project is, roughly how long it might take you, the finished size of the model and its scale in comparison to other Projectarian beasties. They also give you a list of hooks and yarn needed. Search the each unique hashtag on social media (especially Instagram) to see your fellow Projectarian’s finished projects for different colourway inspiration.

To keep them simple and to the point, these guides are an approximation of what each pattern entails. You’ll find precise and extended information about supplies and yarn inside each pattern itself.

Relevant guides will also be included in every pattern download, as they become available over the following weeks. I’ll also be posting them on Facebook and Instagram if you prefer to see them there, although direct downloads for printing will only be available right here or at Hooked on Sunshine. The images will be included in all Projectarian pattern shop galleries (such as Etsy) for your convenience, except Ravelry.

Quick Pattern Guide | Apollo the Octopus by Projectarian
Quick Pattern Guide | Comet The Unicorn by Projectarian
Quick Pattern Guide | Gravity the Triceratops by Projectarian

Thanks for stopping by! See you again next week.


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