Meet the final pooch in my puppy series: Sequin the Poodle!

I started designing puppies way back when I got my beautiful little Scallop (she looks malnourished because she is; she’s a rescue), and she inspired me to make a clone of her, which made me want to make even more pups after that. Scally is a mystery mixed breed so I made her clone into a beagle because it seemed like the closest match in popular dogs that you’d enjoy a pattern of.

Rocket the Beagle came with a free toy ducky pattern, and then there was Buzz the German Shepherd with his free toy sheep, and then I made Halo the Labrador with a free cape. I always intended to design a poodle with a fancy ‘do as the final installment to the pattern series, but I needed a break from designing pups so I didn’t do it right away. With 2022 being my year of fur, it was the perfect time to finally tackle a fancy fluffy poodle, and so Sequin was born!

All my other pups are similar in size and design, with variations to give them different poses and make them into different breeds, so that was always the plan for the poodle too. But by the time I got to designing her I decided it would be better to make her smaller than the others because adding fur to an amigurumi that big would be a huge time commitment for anyone who wanted to make it. So to keep the project manageable and fun for you, I designed Sequin uniquely from scratch instead of making her an iteration like the other pups were.

All my puppy patterns have a coupon code within their pages, which will give you 40% off of any other puppy pattern. So, as a reward for buying one pup, you get nearly half off the price of any other pup! The poodle was always meant to be part of the series, so although she isn’t quite a puppy, and although her design is totally unique from all the others, her pattern is still included in the special offer (you’re welcome).

I had a great time designing Sequin and trimming her fancy fur-do into perfect pompoms was a fun new experience. While adding the fur, I realized she’d also make a good saluki or afghan dog with slightly different treatment to the hairstyle (maybe even a Chinese crested). And without any fur, she makes a very elegant dog like a weimeraner, vizsla, coonhound or similar looking breed. I hope you’ll give Sequin a go, have fun with the pattern and let me know how it went! Share your WIPs and finished projects with me @Projectarian (or use #SequinThePoodle to share and browse) on Instagram and Facebook. See you again soon for the next project!



Sequin the Poodle | by Projectarian
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