You asked for a mask and here she is my friends!!

I put Lunar the Lemur’s half-made muzzle on my face for a cute Instagram pic, and it turned into my my popular post ever. After hundreds of requests for a mask pattern, this Sundog Mask is my answer to your enthusiastic demands!

While Lunar is an amigurumi with an open mouth and tongue, I had to make room for your nose and chin to fit inside the mask so you can actually wear it! But I still wanted it to look happy and friendly – so I decided to give the Sundog mask a big, toothy grin!! I drew heavy inspiration from the classical smile of fursuit character faces, specifically the cartoonish ones, because I like how they have room for a human inside while still looking irresistibly friendly!

Sundog Mask | By Projectarian

This Sundog Mask isn’t intended to be any particular species of animal, so you can decide what creature it looks like to you! In real life, a sundog is a concentrated patch of sunlight occasionally seen to the left or right of the Sun. Sundogs often form in pairs on either side of our sun when sunlight refracts through icy clouds that contain hexagonal platecrystals. I suppose it’s a fitting name because you’ll also look like a rare phenomenon in your fine snooty-snout! Update: My Sundog’s species has been identified as a tiger! And now you can get a free set of clip-on tiger ears to wear with your mask here.

The pattern was a pretty tough one to design, and it’s a challenging model to make so I promise it’ll teach you all kinds of wizardry! The pattern has been thoroughly tested by a team of variously-skilled crocheters and I’m confident that most people will be able to complete the project without getting a headache but if you need help, post your questions in my Facebook group for a speedy response from the Projectarian Support Team.

Thank you so much for this request, it was a challenging learning curve to design this mask. I hope you have far too much fun with your mask and please tag me (@Projectarian) in your #SundogSelfie on social media (thanks Leah for the hashtag idea!) You can see more under the #SundogMask tag too.


Sundog Mask | By Projectarian

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