Since October is the month of dress-up, I decided to add a set of clip-on ears to my pattern collection, to accompany the muzzle mask pattern I released recently.

Sundog the Tiger: Ears


The muzzle was one of my most challenging pieces to design, starting with a complex nose shape and then figuring out how to turn it into a mask that would fit a human face and be happy-looking! Since it was so difficult to figure out, I decided not to aim for any specific type of animal when I made it, but rather just get it to work and then decide afterwards what animal it looked like!

Sundog Mask | By Projectarian

Although I originally named it the Sundog Mask, it wasn’t necessarily intended to be a dog (being that a real sundog isn’t a dog either, but an astronomical phenomenon).

Ultimately, I decided it looked like a tiger’s muzzle. It was inspired by the cartoonish style of smiling fursuit faces and to me it looked most similar to the tiger suits. It also reminded me of Tony the Tiger from the Kellog’s Cornflakes box! Especially when you add a black edge to the lips.

And so, Sundog’s species is officially identified as panthera tigris! That’s very good news in terms of designing more pieces to add to the set because tiger parts have very specific identifying element, don’t they? Their ears, for example, have signature black tips and a white spot on the back. You can make the colourful bit in any colour and still recognize them as tiger ears. PS. Can someone please make a set to match their own hair colour and show me?

Although these ears make for a relatively quick and simple project, you should know by now that I don’t really do simple‘ because I want my patterns to be more than that! ? I want every single pattern to teach you something you didn’t know before, even if you’ve made all my other patterns!

Therefor, this pattern will teach you how to make your own fur using yarn, and if you already know how to do that from my other tutorials, it’ll also teach you how to change colours in the middle of a row. You’ll learn 3 different colour changing techniques, at least one of which I’m quite sure you’ve never seen before because I couldn’t find it anywhere when I wanted to name it in the pattern.

Although they’re cute and fluffy, my goal is always to make my models based on reality, so I used real tiger ears for reference. You can see here how I’ve positioned the fur and colouring to match a real tiger.

I’m looking forward to designing more pieces for the set later on, like a tail and paw gloves. If you want to be kept in the loop, join my mailing list to get notifications when I release new patterns.

Currently, I’m still working on Lunar the Most Challenging Lemur Who Ever Was Designed. I’m really hoping to complete her pattern within the next 4 weeks (and then release it after a few weeks of testing). You can watch her in progress on my Instagram. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this project! If you make these ears, I would LOVE to see them!! Tag me @Projectarian on Facebook or Instagram or use #SundogTheTiger to share and see more ear pics!


Sundog the Tiger: Ears
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