A warm Thank-You to Scheepjes yarn for partnering with me to bring you this pattern. They are always a delight to collaborate with.

If you haven’t heard of a jerboa yet, you’re about to discover one of the cutest little creatures ever! Jerboas are hopping desert rodents who live in Asia and North Africa. They have astoundingly huge ears, long kangaroo legs with tiny T-rex arms, and an extra-long tail with a puff of fur at the end. Basically, this photo of Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa is scientifically as accurate as it gets:

Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa | by Projectarian
Neptune the Pineapple Crab | by Projectarian

Now, if you haven’t heard of my new Smuggle-Tuck Pets series yet either, it’s my pleasure to introduce you! Neptune the Pineapple Crab was the first character in this collection, who made his debut earlier this year.

The creatures in this series have a special secret though, because while they look like normal amigurumi, they’re actually reversible fruits! While Neptune can flip inside out to become a pineapple…

…our new friend the jerboa is a great, juicy strawberry!

Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa | by Projectarian
Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa | by Projectarian

Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa can be made as a standalone amigurumi too, and the pattern will tell you how. This pattern is available for free and I designed it in collaboration with Scheepjes yarn as an introduction to fur, so it’s intended to be a beginner project that you can follow to become acquainted with furry fibres in an easy way (it was supposed to be my first fur pattern of the year, hence being ‘introductory’, but the timing just didn’t work out).

Now, this pattern is for people who already know how to crochet but if you’ve never worked with furry yarn or you’ve had bad experiences with it, Twinkle will get you right on track! She is the ideal combination of easy, adorable and quick to make, and your fur-working confidence is guaranteed to be boosted by the end of it. I’ve even made a video spilling all my best fur-crocheting secrets to equip you for any hairy situation so definitely check that out too:

2022 is Projectarian’s Year of Fur, so my goal this year is to get you comfortable and confident with all the life-changing techniques that will take your amigurumi to a whole new level. I’m teaching various furry methods this year, and I’ll even be teaming up with other great designers to bring you extra furry fun! The current projects in my year of fur include Shuttle the Shongololo (free), Neptune the Pineapple Crab and Aquila the Kitten (whose crochet along is starting very soon and you should totally join in). Aquila is a paid CAL but her furry feature is needle felting which I demonstrate for free in this video.

Thanks for allowing me to introduce you to my little Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa , please help yourself to the pattern here and I hope you enjoy it! There’s just enough time to hook this Smuggle-Tuck Pet before Aquila the Kitten‘s crochet-along begins ?

Please enjoy the other animals’ reaction to discovering a new fruity friend at the menagerie in the gallery below!

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you soon for the next addition to Projectarian’s Menagerie of Fantastic Beasts!



Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa | by Projectarian
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