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Thank you to everyone who participated in Lunar the Lemur’s CAL! The CAL has come to an end but don’t worry, you can still join the fun and make your own lemur! Lunar’s full pattern is now available in my shop. CLICK HERE TO GET IT.

Also available on Ravelry and Etsy

Lunar the Lemur | by Projectarian

Read on for pattern info or click here to see Lunar’s blog post and more pictures of her.

• Size: 75cm (29.5″) tall, excluding tail
• Skill Level: Expert
• Yarn Weight: DK
• Terminology: US with metric sizes

Lunar is a life-sized, fully articulated amigurumi lemur by Projectarian, designed with realistic proportions and features. She has detailed crochet shaping on her face, such as nostrils, an open mouth and tongue, which are all crocheted in one piece with the head. Made with the suggested materials, she will stand 75 cm tall, excluding her tail. She’s about the size of a human toddler, and yes, she can fit into human clothes too! All of Lunar’s body parts are supported with wire; her neck, digits and tail can bend, and her arms and legs are attached with large buttons so they can swing. This gives her almost unlimited pose-ability so your lemur will be able to climb, hang, read, knit and do headstands! Watch the video below to see Lunar live in action! This project requires a small amount of hand-sewing to attach Lunar’s eyes, ears, tail and furry bib. If you prefer not to add wires to your lemur, you can still make the arms and legs swing, or sew them in a static pose of your own choice. The tutorial includes techniques on how to work with fur yarn in a hassle-free way. It also teaches a truly invisible colour change technique, which you can learn right now in the video below!

This pattern is rated as Expert level of difficulty due to the complex shaping techniques involved, but don’t panic! I have written it with you in mind and gone to great lengths to include every morsel of information you could possibly need to complete your project, and added generous visual supplements, with over 850 pictures to guide you through every moment of your project. Throughout the CAL, I’ll post free supplemental videos on my YouTube channel to help you with the trickiest parts of the pattern. There’s also a dedicated team of real humans in the Hooked on Sunshine group on Facebook, to help you with any questions, as well as a large support community in the same group, who are your fellow lemur-makers in the CAL! We’ll look after you and ensure that you’re fully equipped to successfully complete your own bedazzling lemur!


During the CAL, you can post your pictures and share the fun with your fellow participants, by tagging your pictures with #LunarTheLemur on Instagram and Facebook. You can tag me directly by using @Projectarian on social media – I would love to see your posts and interact!

– FAQ –


What is a CAL?
A CAL (crochet along) is a pattern that gets released in parts, over a certain length of time. Everyone who participates gets each new pattern part at the same time, so all participants crochet together at the same pace.

How do I join?
Click on the Buy Now button and complete payment. After you’ve paid, you will officially be signed up for the CAL, so you’ll automatically receive all the pattern content over the course of the CAL, at no extra charge.

When can I join?
Anytime! The last part of the CAL will be released on 9 July; however, the pattern will permanently remain available for purchase at the same price.

What do I get when I sign up?
After making payment, you’ll receive a welcome letter, describing how the CAL works and how to get support. It includes a schedule of when each pattern part will become available to you. You’ll get the Prelude two weeks before the CAL begins, and you’ll start receiving pattern parts from 4 June onward.

When does the CAL start?
It kicks off with Part One on 4 June but you’ll get the pattern’s Prelude before that, on 21 May, so you can gather all your supplies and prepare for the project.

How long is the CAL?
Six weeks in total, with one new pattern part per week, from 4 June to 9 July.

What supplies do I need?
On 21 May, you’ll receive the pattern’s Prelude. The Prelude will tell you everything you need to know in order to prepare for making Lunar, including all the tools, supplies, yarn quantities and skills required. You’ll also receive my Amigurumi Tips booklet to help you with special skills and techniques.

I don’t have a YouTube account. Can I still join in?
Yes. You can watch the videos on YouTube without having a YouTube account.

What happens if I join late?

You’ll get access to all the parts of the CAL that have already been released, and you’ll get the new parts as they are released throughout the rest of the CAL.

Can I still buy the pattern after the CAL?
Yes. The pattern parts will be collated into a single pattern document that will permanently remain available for purchase at the same price as the CAL. CAL participants will receive the collated pattern for free when the CAL is over.


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