Styx the Tree Kangaroo | by Projectarian

The design contest has rolled around again and I’ve entered this year! I often remember too late and miss it completely but Lemon Yarn Creations reminded me this year, with just enough time to rustle up a special critter! This year’s contest theme is endangered animals, and I’ve been wanting to making a tree kangaroo for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity. If you haven’t heard of them yet, a tree kangaroo looks like the fat, fluffy cousin of a regular kangaroo, but with 1,000 added cuddly points. These creatures live in lowland and mountainous rainforests in parts of Indonesia and Australia. Or – as we have recently discovered – they live on Styx, the smallest moon of planet Pluto.

The party-coloured species found on this tiny moon is more social than our solitary Earth variety. They live in tree-top communities of Confectionery Forest, a vast tree-scape that covers most of the moon’s ground. Confectionery Forest is so-named for the candies and treats borne as fruit by the tallest trees of this magical woodland. Tree Kangaroos climb high to harvest these lofty snacks and store them in their pouch for later.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that this particular space-tree-dwelling, party-coloured, candy-collecting species is fondly known by us Earthlings as the piñata kangaroo!

So far, Styx is the only one of her kind we’ve encountered on Earth and she has been named after her satellite home. However, we might see more piñata kangaroos on our home planet in the future: That is, if you vote for my design to win the contest and be in the book, because then you can make your own Styx!

Click the button below to vote for Styx. You will be prompted to vote for 9 others too, so you can show some love to the other beauties in the contest as well!

I am really hoping for a shot at the contest this year so Styx is optimistically designed in a way that her pattern could fit into a book (if I were lucky enough for the opportunity to get her into one), meaning she’s not an ultra complex design. The only fancy bits are her muzzle and eyes, and I’ve kept the rest very simple, especially because it’s all crocheted with fur yarn!

If you’ve been following along, you’ll already know that 2022 is Projectarian’s Year of Fur and for the whole year, all my patterns are fur themed. The fur crocheting technique I used for making Styx is the same one I teach in this video. I keep my furry shapes very simple so you don’t have to focus on complex crocheting while trying to wrangle your textured yarn! You can practice the techniques on my Twinkle the Strawberry Jerboa, Neptune the Pineapple Crab and Shuttle the Shongololo while we wait for Styx to be released into the wild one day.

I have entered this design contest a few times before (with Gravity, Orbit and a Nomadic Galaxy Pony) but never won or been a runner up, indicating that I probably did not have winning designs back then, so I’ve tried even harder this time! If you think Styx is a winner this time (or if you just pity me – pity votes count too!?), please do vote for her and consider sharing Styx’s pics so that others can vote for her too.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon for my upcoming CAL, the Bushy Tails Expedition!



Styx the Tree Kangaroo | by Projectarian
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