CritterDollies & CritterRattles | EASY STASH BUSTER PROJECT

Remember when I released my CritterRattles pattern back in 2015, when Projectarian was brand new?

CritterDollies &CritterRattles | by Projectarian

You probably don’t remember because you weren’t there, because I had no followers in 2015, because – let’s be honest – my patterns weren’t very well written when I started off. Once I figured out Projectarian’s purpose I took all of my patterns off the shelf with the mission of improving the quality of my work drastically and revamping those pulled patterns (I promise they are very well-written now!). This is the result for CritterRattles:

CritterDollies & CritterRattles | by Projectarian

As usual, I got over-inspired and totally carried away with ides for this project. So what started off as 3 rattles ended up being a set of 7 characters that you can also make as dolls with a different body each.

CritterDollies & CritterRattles | by Projectarian
CritterDollies & CritterRattles | by Projectarian

But wait, there’s more! Since I was already off the rails, why not throw in a bonus critter for good measure?! Along with your 7 dolls and 7 rattles, you’ll also get directions for a tiny elephant that stands on all fours.

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind, I’ve always been this way. There was that time I set out to do a quality revamp on my simple little octopus and ended up with Apollo, the behemoth with a bazillion suckers on each tentacle.

I love my job, okay?

Apollo the Octopus | by Projectarian

Back to the critters: This is a collection of easy patterns, organized by difficulty so you can start with the simplest and work your way up as you gain confidence. So it’s great for beginners but no matter your skill level, this is a fun project that will teach you something new!

You can get this pattern now in my Etsy shop. It’s also available in my Projectarian Shop, on Ravelry and in Hooked on Sunshine’s shop.

CritterDollies & CritterRattles | by Projectarian

There isn’t a pre-made yarn kit for this pattern but if you want to get your hands on the beautiful merino wool that I used, get in touch with Deborah at Le Petites Potions. She sent me a whole bunch of her hand-dyed goodness to try out so I used all of them in this project, including mohair for the unicorn’s mane. I combined them with acrylic yarns by Elle (a South African brand) for the solid colours, but you can use any brand for solids. I highly recommend Deborah’s yarn, it’s high quality and the colour palettes are clean and tasteful.

If you just want to use what you have on hand, this project is the perfect stash buster with its small parts and multiple colour changes.

CritterDollies & CritterRattles | by Projectarian

Thanks for visiting me! You can read more technical info about the pattern at the shopping links. To share your projects with me, use the hashtags #CritterDollies and #CitterRattles on social media and you can tag me using @Projectarian. You can also share your pictures in my Facebook group. See you again soon!



CritterDollies & CritterRattles | by Projectarian

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